The playoffs kick off in a matter of hours before they do, take a look at where Vendetta writers stand with the NBA Playoff Picks.

Jordan Dangle

In the Western Conference, Jordan goes for only one “upset” as the fifth-seeded Thunder knock off the Rockets.

Jarrod Prosser

NBA Playoff Picks

Jarrod goes the route of no upset on either side, as the higher seeds win out.

Trey Daubert

NBA Playoff Picks

Trey loves his Celtics and would never choose against them. He’s stuck in a fantasy land believing they could win it all. But he’s the first person to pick a major upset: Eighth seeded Blazers knocking off King James and the Lakers. It’s sure to be an interesting series.

Jacob Richison

NBA Playoff Picks

Jacob shares roughly the same mindset as everyone else with higher seeds winning the first round, aside from the Heat.

Jake Staires

NBA Playoff Picks

Jake has the exact same bracket as Jacob. Jake’s legal name is Jacob. Coincidence?

Gavin Daly

NBA Playoff Picks

Gavin is the second writer to choose the Blazers over LeBron James and the Lakers. Do they know something we don’t? At the same time, Gavin is the only person to pick the Jazz over the Nuggets. With Mike Conley set to miss at least the first two games of the series after leaving the bubble for the birth of his child (Congratulations to the Conley family), are the Jazz deep enough to knock off the Nuggets?

Jeremy Rinaldi

NBA Playoff Picks

Vendetta has its first Celtics upset. As Jeremy put it, “The Celtics don’t play well in the playoffs.” Sorry Trey.

Ben Davis

NBA Playoff Picks

Ben has one upset, with Jimmy Butler and the Heat knocking off Mr. Bubble, TJ Warren, and the Indiana Pacers.

Alex Chick

Alex, AKA Chicks Tape, AKA Guy with pink headphones goes with the five seed knocking off the four route on both sides of the bracket.

Scott Logush

Scott has the same thought process as Alex, and many others before them, five seed wins on both sides and no other upsets.

Jackson Law

Let’s take a moment to remember Jackson’s team, the Memphis Grizzlies, who just couldn’t close and missed the playoffs. Too soon?

We’re not sure if Jackson is kissing up to the boss, or believes Dame Lillard is the next Ja Morant, but he’s picking the Blazers over the Lakers. If that does happen, almost everyone’s brackets will be ruined.

Andrew Zucker

I grew up a New Jersey Nets fan, suffered through the 12-70 season, watched the team trade draft pick after draft pick for years. Seeing them back in the playoffs for the second year in a row is beautiful, but putting my bias aside, there’s no chance they win.

I’m going with the five seed over four seed upsets. Playoff Chris Paul, when healthy, is nasty. The Rockets know that.

NBA Playoff Picks Pool Points System

The NBA Playoffs pool is set up so everyone will make their picks as each round is revealed. This will allow us to maximize our points.

For choosing the correct winners of the first round, each person receives three points for a correct pick. The point systems changes as the playoffs go on. The winner gets bragging rights and an undisclosed prize.