Tobias Harris
Matt Rourke//Associated Press

When Jimmy Butler left Philadelphia, there were questions on who would be the outside scorer for the 76ers. Of course, Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid handle the scoring inside the paint. But the 76ers have a real problem scoring outside the paint. Knowing that Tobias Harris was capable of shooting 3 pointers and long mid-range shots, it was determined that those duties would fall to him. But he has vastly underperformed in that assignment.

Tobias Harris Stats

Tobias Harris still has decent numbers, but you would have thought his numbers would improve drastically when Jimmy Butler left for Miami. However, his numbers have barely improved despite the bigger role. He averages 19.3 PPG on 48.1% shooting, 3 APG, 6.7 RPG. He is still 2nd for scoring on the team, but he hasn’t taken anymore 3s. This is leading to the paint being congested with the lack of spacing.

Tobias Harris just hasn’t taken the initiative to take more 3s and be the go-to scorer. Usually, you’re going to have your go-to scorer being able to score from anywhere. Right now, Joel Embiid is their go-to scorer and he’s strictly scoring the paint. Unfortunately, the inability to spread the floor will ultimately be their downfall if they don’t win the championship. That responsibility falls on Tobias Harris. That is why the 76ers are buyers at the trade deadline for shooting or scoring.

This roster is structured weird, we knew that the 76ers would be almost unstoppable on defense. The question was if they would be able to find enough outside scoring to still be dangerous on offense. Once again, that job was Tobias Harris’ job. But he isn’t even shooting more 3s this year. As much as I love defensive teams, if the 76ers don’t find some scoring, they will not win the championship, plain and simple.