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Zion Williamson

Darren Abate/Associated Press

Zion Williamson Is Noticeably Out Of Shape

Zion Williamson
Darren Abate/Associated Press

So, the Pelicans basically get gifted an easy schedule from Adam Silver. There’s a conspiracy in that itself. Yet, they don’t take advantage and 1-3 so far in their wedding games. There’s also the conspiracy of Zion Williamson is injured. Jackson and I talked about that on ChicksTape Podcast episode on the Grizzlies. I think there’s just a simpler answer to why Alvin Gentry doesn’t play Zion Williamson more: He’s just out of shape.

This Orlando Bubble has not been kind to the Pelicans. Easy schedule or not, they were still on the outside looking in to make the playoffs. They needed to do everything they could to win as many games as they can. You’re telling me you play Zion Williamson only 15 minutes the first 2 games and 22-25 minutes the other two? Something isn’t adding up here.

Also, what is the short burst nonsense the Pelicans are saying? They said they’re playing Zion Williamson is short bursts of a couple of minutes and then resting them. That just screams out of shape to me. Hell, I’m not as young and skinny as I used to be. I’ll take plays off and really focus on offense more. What do you think Zion has been doing? The exact same thing. He takes plays off on defense, he’s not part of the transition offense. He waddles when he walks and is noticeably gassed when he goes to the bench after…3 minutes.

I can’t necessarily blame Zion, he was already a big boy, to begin with. Getting drafted to New Orleans with all that good food. However, you’re getting paid millions to play basketball professionally at a high level. Zion has the showings to be an All-time player. He can’t do that if he’s not in shape. This is a problem. James Harden and Carmelo Anthony are slightly bigger, however, not near the level that Zion is.

As explosive Zion is, losing some weight and slimming down will help him now and long-term on his joints. If he doesn’t, he may not be all that he is supposed to be. I’d hate to see that all because he won’t dedicate himself and lose the weight he needs to lose to be an All-Time Great player. Fix the problem, Zion.



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