Matt LaFleur
Stop asking Matt LaFleur about audibles (Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Audible Gate! Who the hell knows? Do Matt LaFleur and Aaron Rodgers get along? Who the hell knows? Here’s what we do know. Stop asking Matt LaFleur about audibles! Aaron Rodgers has the freedom to audible and LaFleur wants you to stop asking about it.

“You guys will just not stop with this audible thing,” LaFleur told reporters on Tuesday, “It’s unbelievable. What do you want me to say? . . . It’s comical to me.”

I don’t understand this one. This seems like one of those cases that the media just isn’t very knowledgeable. NFL playbooks are like picking up the Rosetta Stone. It would take years just to pick up what the verbiage means. It doesn’t seem like reporters can grasp that every offense has numerous adjustments within every play depending on the looks the defense gives. I don’t know where this who thing is coming from.

Here’s one thing I do know. LaFleur wakes up every single day with Aaron Rodgers as his quarterback. Last year he woke up with Marcus Mariota as his quarterback. I think LaFleur is doing pretty well right now. Look, I have no idea if LaFleur knows what he’s doing. The Titans offense was brutal last year. He also had Mariota running the show so LaFleur never had a fighting chance, to begin with.

Leave the Packers alone. Let’s see what they bring to the table in 2019. I have them winning the NFC North. This has to be a year where Rodgers has a fire lit under his ass. It’s time for Rodgers to take control of this division again. No more Mike McCarthy excuses either. It’s going to be a tough division with the Bears and Vikings who both have strong rosters. Maybe the Lions shock people? Nevermind.