Jared Goff
Getty Images / Harry How

The Los Angeles Rams have extended their QB to 4 more years. The deal is worth more than 32 million a year. After the Rams Super Bowl appearance last year, Los Angeles seems to be fully in on Jared Goff being their franchise quarterback.

Although I don’t agree with this move because I believe that Jared Goff isn’t 32 million a year good. However, the Rams seem to be sold on Goff, and having that consistency could be good for the Rams. I feel bad for Sean McVay, because he truly is a genius of a coach. Jared Goff has vastly improved since his horrendous rookie campaign in his two years with Sean McVay. Perhaps he will improve even more with the superb coaching that he eventually becomes an elite QB.

Goff might be the only QB to get away with this heist of a deal and not be that talented. I’d put Dak Prescott and Goff in the same tier, so if Dak gets paid more eventually he would have FINESSED the Cowboys. Lord knows that he has the pieces around him to succeed. I mean their third best receiver is Cooper Kupp behind Brandin Cooks and Robert Woods, and you can do far worse than that. However, if the Rams do not win a Super Bowl in the next 4 years of Goff’s deal, expect them to move on from him, and another team will overpay for him. BUT if the Rams win one time during the next 6 years, expect Jared Goff to be with the Rams for most of his career. Time will tell if this move was the right move, but as long as Goff has competent WRs, a top 5 RB in Todd Gurley, and genius head coach McVay, he is in control of his destiny.