Mike McCarthy
Mike McCarthy has been canned by the Green Bay Packers (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

After a despicable loss to the Arizona Cardinals, the Packers have had enough. Green Bay Packers head coach, Mike McCarthy, has been fired. Former Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin will resume head coaching duties for the remainder of the season. The Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy divorce is something that needed to happen and McCarthy will not get the chance to finish out the season.

The news was first reported by the Pardon My Take Podcast:

Green Bay fell to 4-7-1 on Sunday but are somehow not eliminated from postseason contention yet. McCarthy, 55, has been with the Packers since 2006. McCarthy led the Packers to a Super Bowl during his tenure back in 2010. The problem is when you have Aaron Rodgers, you should contend for more than just one Super Bowl.

Schefter continued his story by claiming that Mike McCarthy wasn’t expecting to be fired. I’m not sure how he is this stupid. How about the lack of touches for Aaron Jones? How about Aaron Rodgers having a terrible year? How about being just downright awful for the entire season? Yikes.

Aaron Rodgers hasn’t been himself this year but it also doesn’t seem like he cares, either. Rodgers leads the NFL in throwaways and has given up on plays on a regular basis. There is also a huge power struggle and Rodgers was going to win that battle.

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Philbin is not the long-term answer. He was awful with the Dolphins. Mike McCarthy will also get another job. Maybe he gets the Cleveland Browns job? Who knows. The only thing is clear is that Green Bay has underachieved for the past 8 years. Rodgers’ legacy moving forward will have a lot to do with who the Packers hire as their next head coach. Let’s hope Rodgers likes this one.