Matt LaFleur
What has Matt LaFleur done to earn a head coaching job? I don’t have an answer for you (AP Photo/Mark Zaleski)

1/3rd of the league is looking for a new head coach. By the end of this hiring carousel, a half of the league will have less than 3 years of head coaching experience. That’s the reality the NFL is facing. The NFL is pumping through coaches too fast and not enough quality candidates are available for head coaching jobs. That leads us to the Green Bay Packers.

Green Bay has decided to hire Matt LaFleur as their next head coach replacing Mike McCarthy. LaFleur, 39, spent just one year as an offensive coordinator coming over from the Tennessee Titans. The LaFleur hire has all the makings for a disaster for many reasons. What in the world has Matt LaFleur done to earn a head coaching job?

First, LaFleur has a very questionable name. He sounds more like a French Butler who is hired to take care of your dogs gross needs. Moving on. The real issue with this hire is LaFleur has never done anything. If LaFleur was applying for a head coaching job, his resume legitimately looks worse than mine and I have zero NFL coaching experience.

Most previously, LaFleur comes over from the Titans as the offensive coordinator. He spent just one year as the Titans offensive coordinator. Now you would think that the Titans offense would improve if LaFleur was hired as a head coach. That was not the case.

2017: Total offense (23rd), points per game (19th), pass offense (23rd)

2018: Total offense (25th), points per game (27th), pass offense (29th)

Titans fans did nothing but talk shit on Mike Mularkey (who in reality did suck). The most hilarious thing is the offense actually regressed with LaFleur. How did that go in the Packers interview?

Mark Murphy: “The Titans offense regressed under your leadership, why was that the case?”

Matt LaFleur: “Marcus Mariota stinks. I don’t know what to tell you”

That’s the only logical response. Nothing LaFleur did in Tennessee would suggest that he has any clue what he is doing. I’m not saying he can’t coach. I’m not in those meeting rooms. I didn’t interview the guy. I have no idea if he is smart or not. BUT… LaFleur’s resume stinks as of now. What did Mark Murphy see in that interview? Was he trying to seduce LaFleur so his daughter marries him? I’ll give it to him, he’s better looking than Mike Mccarthy.

Let’s be honest. LaFleur got this job because he used to work under Sean McVay. Proximity to greatness doesn’t equal greatness. Sean McVay could be the greatest teacher in the world but if LaFleur is dumb then there’s no fixing that. If LaFleur was so smart then why did McVay not trust him to run the Rams offense last year? It took him 14 weeks to figure out that you should probably feed Derrick Henry more.

What makes LaFleur different from McVay’s neighbor, or barber, or mailman, or garbage man? LaFleur went out on his own and stunk up the joint. One year of play calling experience? Aaron Rodgers deserves better. Rodgers is already a guy that has trust issues. He ran a Super Bowl head coach out of town. Now LaFleur comes to town with zero credentials and just 4 years older than his quarterback. I don’t respect Matt LaLeur. How do you expect Aaron Rodgers to respect him? Good luck with that Green Bay.