Steven Cohen
(Credit: Reuters/Landov)

Steve Cohen Deletes Twitter, New York Mets owner Steve Cohen is “going to take a break for now” after an interesting week on the app/website.

Jackson Law, a writer for Vendetta wrote about how Cohen was taking backlash on Twitter over his recent involvement in the GameStop stock market scandal this week. Dave Portnoy called out Cohen demanding he be thrown in jail for his part in Robinhood halting trading on certain stocks to protect the hedge funds.

The new Mets owner has been super active on Twitter interacting with fans and chopping it up with beat reporters. Cohen said he and his family were receiving death threats since his involvement with Melvin Capital became public. Stock market traders believed he was involved in taking money out of their pockets.

Steve Cohen purchased the Mets for 2.4 billion dollars, yup, billion with a b. This is the most expensive sale of a North American sports franchise. He bought out Jeff and Fred Wilpon, the previously hated owners of the team in Queens, and fans like myself were fired up to have the team under new ownership.

Cohen’s short tenure with the Mets has already been very different, the Mets are finally acting like a big market team. They traded for Francisco Lindor and all signs point to signing the star shortstop to a long-term deal, something the former owners would never consider.

At the end of the day, this probably isn’t the worst thing for Mets fans, while it was cool to have an owner who is a fan, and interested in the other fan experiences, most owners are not so public. It was fun while it lasted for Cohen, but at the end of the day Mets fans will never be happy so this seemed inevitable.

The death threats are however unacceptable, when someone is such a public figure like Cohen had made himself, those threats seem all too real and are something that need to be taken seriously.

TL//DR: Steve Cohen deletes Twitter after the stock market fiasco this week.