Stefon Diggs
Stefon Diggs has taken his game to another level with Josh Allen and the Bills. What does this say about Kirk Cousins? (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

The lack of buzz for the Stefon Diggs trade this offseason was dumbfounding. I didn’t necessarily fully love the trade because of the number of picks the Bills gave up for Diggs. However, there was no denying this was a PERFECT fit.

We now know that Stefon Diggs has taken his game to another level. A lot of it has to do with Josh Allen. Both players have made each other better. A big, strong-armed quarterback slinging it downfield to one of the best deep threats in the league who constantly creates separation. It was a match made in heaven.

Prior to the season, I wrote that Diggs had superstar potential with Buffalo. More importantly, we were forgetting something important. Allen was always an upgrade over Kirk Cousins. Furthermore, Minnesota was a heavy run-first team and Adam Thielen was a big factor stealing targets.

Now there is no question that Diggs is one of the five best receivers in the sport when he probably wasn’t viewed that highly with the Vikings.

Stefon Diggs
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The common fan often forgets that situations matter. Diggs knew deep down that Cousins sucked and requested a trade multiple times. Now in Buffalo, Diggs has one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league who needed him just as much.

The Allen and Diggs connection is one of the best stories in the league. I’m just not sure why more people didn’t see this as even a possibility. The Bills are an organizational support story. Each year, Brandon Beane tries to give the former Wyoming quarterback more help.

Sean McDermott is a real leader, Brian Daboll looks clever, and the weapons are now at least competent. Diggs has bought into Buffalo and is now putting up career numbers.

When two parties split, it’s important to decide who wins. Sure, the Vikings got Justin Jefferson, but that’s not the point. What does this say about Kirk Cousins? If you’re Minnesota, what are you waiting for? Diggs hasn’t just gotten better, I’m not sure there’s a more valuable receiver in the league now for what Diggs means to his team.