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2021 NFL Draft Stock Report: Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl

2021 NFL Draft

(Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)

2021 NFL Draft
The Georgia defense stole the show in the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl. Check out 2021 NFL Draft Stock report notes from the game. (Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)

2021 NFL Draft Stock Report: Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl

In the final iterations of the 2021 NFL Draft stock report posts, I’ll be reviewing any of the Bowl games I watch. I’ll be the first to admit I watched fewer bowl games than normal because of the opt-outs. They’ve lost some luster. However, my 2021 will kick off by sitting on the couch and reviewing the Chick-Fil-A, Rose, and Sugar Bowl.

Let’s start with the Chick-Fil-A Bowl featuring Cincinnati and Georgia. Who stood out in the game for better or worse and really impacted their 2021 NFL Draft Stock?

Let’s just be honest about this game, if Georgia and Cincinnati played in the college football playoff, it’s a 30 point route. Instead, Georgia woke up midway through the third quarter and squeezed out a 24-21 win. Georgia suffered a bunch of opt-outs and had no fight for half the game. Just keep that in mind.


I can’t believe this Cincinnati quarterback is getting draft hype. Other than as a potential Ravens backup quarterback option in the 7th round, who gives a shit about Desmond Ridder?

The day for Ridder finished out 24-37, 206 yards, and two touchdowns. When Georgia decided to actually play, Ridder had about 20 yards passing in the entire second half.

Just from a skillset standpoint, Ridder ain’t it. I can’t even believe I have to waste my time talking about this. The feet are a bit funky back there. Even the plays Ridder had success with, it’s shit he would never get away with in the pros.

There’s no fast twitch or elite knee bend. It’s a moron running away hoping his dumb shit works. More importantly, the dual threat part of his game didn’t go so well. Ridder could barely out run Jordan Davis (I’ll get there later).

Imagine if some of the real dawgs were on the field for Georgia. Taking knees dealing with pressure, dropped snaps, and not being able to handle the Georgia speed. Whatever the IT quality is, I can guarantee you this bum doesn’t got it. It’s not like the guy is an elite thrower either. There were a bunch of balls completed or not with terrible placement.

Wake me up when someone relevant from Cincinnati thrives in the NFL. I was actually looking forward to seeing the cornerback Ahmad Gardner but we didn’t even get to see him because of back spasms. Let’s move on to more important things.


Zamir White didn’t have the biggest game in the world (11 carries for 39 yards and a touchdown). However, the Cincinnati front made running the football difficult. White might not be the shiftiest runner in the world but he did a great job absorbing contact and picking up extra yardage. There were a few times that White kept his balance when other backs wouldn’t have and just went down.

I think you could do worse than White. Is this me foaming at the mouth watching the freshman version of Nick Chubb? God, no. However, White can play. He’s a bit one-dimensional primarily a pure runner and a zero in the passing game. White will find himself drafted, just a matter of how high.

Let’s also mention two players on the Georgia defense. The first being Jordan Davis. The Georgia 6-foot-6, 330 pound nose tackle is a tank. Sure, he’s not a three-down player. I have no idea how high he gets draft. The only thing I do know is that I gotta have this dude on my team.

Nose tackles don’t move like this. Forget about the result of the play. Just watch the way he moves. Add in a blocked punt and stonewalling plays up the middle all day long? That’s a special cat right there.

Azeez Ojulari blew up Cincinnati in the second half. It was big sack after big sack. I counted three on my scorecards (can’t find the box score yet). Two of which were either a safety or forced fumble.

Ojulari is an easy guy to describe. Quick twitch, fast off the edge, and great bend. We have seen a bunch of players like him over the years. It’s amazing what someone like that can look like playing Non-SEC opponents.

Sign me up for both Georgia defenders. In reality, they have dudes everywhere. Even the B team Georgia defense can whip some ass.


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