Stefon Diggs
The Stefon Diggs trade signals the Bills are all in on Josh Allen. The question is can Allen take that next step towards elite status? (Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

The Buffalo Bills gave up a shit ton of Stefon Diggs. Buffalo is sending four draft picks to Minnesota that include a first, fifth and sixth in 2020 and a fourth in 2021. They did pick up a 7th but still. There’s no denying that Buffalo is all in on Josh Allen. They have done everything they can to get him a bonafide number one receiver. Now it’s time for Allen to deliver.

Is Josh Allen actually a franchise quarterback? That’s really the big question that the Bills are facing. The tools are off the charts. The accuracy is not. Allen needs to improve in that area. In fairness, he’s never had a weapon like Stefon Diggs. A year ago, he was working with John Brown, Cole Beasley, and Dawson Knox. Yeah…

Stefon Diggs changes the formula for Buffalo. Diggs averaged 17.9 yards per catch in 2019. That was with Kirk Cousins who doesn’t have a big arm. Diggs has the speed to stretch the field and Allen has the arm to get him the ball. On the surface, it seems like a perfect fit. We just have to wait to see if Allen can actually get him the ball. I said this when the Bills drafted Allen. Something about it works. You need a cannon to succeed in Buffalo. This is what a Bills offense in that weather should look like.

Diggs, 26, is coming off two 1,000 yard seasons in a row. I don’t think there’s any question that this is one of the best wide receivers in football. The funny part is, this trade comes together a year after the Bills really went hard after Antonio Brown. Sometimes the best move is the one you don’t make. The Bills had the 3rd ranked defense in 2019. Add in a deep threat and the improvement from Allen and Devin Singletary. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Buffalo should be the favorites in the AFC East.

The Bills are all in on Josh Allen. It reminds me of when the Bears went all in on Khalil Mack. That trade was never going to work because Mitch Trubisky wasn’t going to work. The Stefon Diggs trade can absolutely work. Buffalo just needs Allen to take one more leap and entrench himself as a franchise quarterback.