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Start Em Sit Em Week 6 NFL 2020

Start Em Sit Em

Another week, another Start Em Sit Em weekly series. These are becoming harder to predict because of A) COVID-19 and 2) injuries. Nonetheless, I’m doing my best to help y’all out here. Let’s see which players have great matchups this week.

Start Em Sit Em QBs


Ryan Fitzpatrick: I have bashed Ryan Fitzpatrick enough, but right now, he has his FitzMagic going on. Against a weak Jets team, Ryan Fitzpatrick should eat. P.S. He’s a top-10 fantasy QB this year?!

Kirk Cousins: The Falcons secondary sucks. They have been letting every QB in the NFL walk all over them. Kirk Cousins will be next on that list to have a field day against them.

Kyler Murray: Kyler Murray hasn’t had the best couple of weeks, but he should be able to bounce back against a weak Cowboys secondary. With Andy Dalton at QB, the Cardinals should get the ball plenty of times to score.


Joe Burrow: The Bengals have another tough matchup this week against the Colts. The Colts have been able to shut down any QB that has come their way. This shouldn’t be any different.

Andy Dalton: I mostly put Dalton here because I don’t think he is good. Against the Giants, he was lackluster, and the Giants are horrible. He may have a good week after a full week to prepare, but don’t hold your breath.

Teddy Bridgewater: The Panthers play the Bears this week. The Bears defense is still one of the best in the league. Teddy hasn’t played badly, but I can’t see him being a good start this week.

Running Backs


Todd Gurley: I will admit that I thought the Falcons were dumb to get Todd Gurley. They’re winless through five games. Is it because of him? No. The Falcons play the Vikings whose defense hasn’t been the best. Start him this week.

David Montgomery: I wasn’t a big fan of the Bears backfield at the start of the season because I didn’t know who was getting most of the workload. That is Montgomery now. Against the Panthers Defense? Start him.

Kenyan Drake: I know some are pissed about Kenyan Drake’s production, but he still has a chance to be good. The Cowboys defense has been terrible; maybe he can get some fantasy production there.


Miles Sanders: Miles Sanders has just been Eh so far this season. It is getting better, but it hasn’t been anything crazy yet. Against the Ravens, who has a great run defense, it might be hard for him to get going.

Joe Mixon: Fantasy RBs on bad teams are most of the time worthless; Joe Mixon is a part of that group. Will never understand the Joe Mixon hype. Against the Colts, he will be a horrible start.

Raheem Mostert: Mostert has been either excellent or lackluster. This should be one of the weeks that he won’t be that good. Against the Rams, his production should be almost nonexistent.

Start Em Sit Em WRs


Chase Claypool: Where did this man come from? Last week, I said you should start Diontae Johnson. I had the right reason, but the wrong receiver. Claypool may be the next best thing at WR for the Steelers; let’s see if last week is a fluke.

Travis Fulgham: Speaking of the next best thing, WHERE DID TRAVIS FULGHAM COME FROM?! This man has emerged as the best WR for the Eagles. Even though they have a tough matchup, start him until further notice.

Adam Thielen: Adam Thielen has been up and down this season. This should be one of his up weeks as the Vikings play the Falcons. The Falcons secondary is depleted, and Thielen should EAT.


Odell Beckham Jr.: With the Browns playing the Steelers, Odell shouldn’t have a good week. Steelers defense is one of the best in business. Plan accordingly.

Julian Edelman: I was wrong about Julian Edelman still being an elite fantasy option. It’s time to let him go. In this game, that is even more of the case. Patriots and Broncos with possible starting QBs out? This will be a heavy run game.

Jerry Jeudy: Although the reasoning is slightly different, sit Jerry Jeudy out against the Patriots too. This game will rely on the run, and I will be surprised if either QB passes more than 20 times this game.

Start Em Sit Em TEs


Mike Gesicki: I said to sit Mike Gesicki last week, and he did okay. This is a good week to start him, though. He seems to be Ryan Fitzpatrick’s favorite target. Against the Jets, Gesicki will be the go-to for him.

Jonnu Smith: My boy Jonnu is making me look smart. That’s a tough thing to do when you know me. But, I saw this from the jump. He will be good and continue to do so against bad teams like the Jets.

Evan Engram: I’m seeing glimpses of Evan Engram but just not the big kahuna yet. I’m hoping this week will be the week for that. The Giants and Redskins are still trying to fight to be the division leader. So, expect a lot of passing in this game.


Chris Herndon: I hope there aren’t any Chris Herndon guys here because he hasn’t been good. Not all his fault as Sam Darnold is out. But as long as he is out, don’t expect Herndon to do anything.

Dalton Schultz: I’m not the biggest Schultz guy. I think he is a good talent, but the Cowboys receiving core is just too crowded for my liking. Against the Cardinals with Andy Dalton at QB, his production should plummet.

Zach Ertz: Zach Ertz has completely fallen off in terms of fantasy. Will he ever be found? I don’t know. I am only slightly exaggerating. After being a sure-fire top-five TE for fantasy, he currently ranks 15th for TE. It’s time to let him go and trade him while you can.



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