Kenyan Drake
(Norm Hall/Getty Images)

The second this Cardinals game is over, I’m trading Kenyan Drake. That is if anyone in my league will even take him. Through these four games, he’s been nothing more than terrible. I drafted Drake in the second round, backed up by all the so-called “fantasy experts” who said he would have a good season. Even our own Trey Daubert thought he would be incredible. He’s currently RB28. Kenyan Drake is a BUST, and I’d love to know why. Someone please explain it to me.

Maybe it’s that the Arizona offensive line is terrible. The offense also might not necessarily be geared towards getting Drake touches. I don’t care. If you’re a starting running back in the National Football League, you better be scoring more than two points in the first half against a terrible run defense like Carolina. To make matters worse, Drake tweeted this two weeks ago:

What a cold take. After this tweet, Kenyan Drake’s fantasy output went down. He’s steadily declined from a season-high of 13.5 points in Week 1 to 2.8 points during the fourth quarter of today’s game. I can’t wait to get this guy off my team. He could score six touchdowns in the fourth quarter against the Panthers, and it wouldn’t change my mind. It would just make me more annoyed with him.

It’s still early in the season. Kenyan Drake could figure it out somewhere down the line and start producing. But he’s causing me to lose games now, and I need him off my team in favor of some league-average running back who will score some points. The second half of this season will determine whether I ever think about redrafting Kenyan Drake. So far, it isn’t looking very likely.


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