Joe Mixon
Michael Hickey/Getty Images

All these fantasy experts were so high on Joe Mixon last year for fantasy. Hell, they had him as at least a top 10 fantasy RB last year. I just couldn’t see it and I thought it was pretty dumb. Hell, Chris Carson did better than Joe Mixon, come one now, no one was that high on Carson either. Now, apparently, we’re supposed to listen to the experts again and draft Joe Mixon again. Not uh, not me.

Joe Mixon 2019

To be fair towards Mixon, he was 13th on fantasy RBs, which is kinda bad, but it isn’t the worst. However, he’s not going to win you, leagues, at 13th. To actually make matters worse, if you take his average of fantasy points per week, at 14.1 points, he was ranked 21st. While he was 8th in the NFL in rushing yards, rushing yards don’t get you a ton of fantasy points. Touchdowns do though. In that aspect, Joe Mixon only had 5, which is good for 25th for RBs. YIKES. To be fair, he also had 3 receiving TDs, but 8 in total is not an impressive number to me.

He’s supposed to do better this year? Don’t count on it. Joe Burrow with a healthy AJ Green, who Joe Burrow specifically said to keep, John Ross, Tyler Boyd, and rookie Tee Higgins? They’re not going to run the ball. The Bengals are still bad and will need to throw to stay in games, only diminishing Joe Mixon’s fantasy value even more. How the hell are we supposed to trust the fantasy “experts?”

Final Assessment

If you couldn’t tell by the title, I am advising you to just skip over Joe Mixon altogether if you can. To do this, you need to draft your RBs early and get those set. There are far more WRs than there are RBs and you can use that to your advantage. Avoid drafting Joe Mixon at all costs, and God forbid you don’t listen to me, trade him as fast as you can.