Start Em Sit Em

Start Em Sit Em NFL Week 5 2020

Another week, more fantasy advice for you. Most of the guys I am telling you to start are doing well. Some of the sit em have been so-so. Identifying who will do well is a lot easier for me than seeing who will do badly this week (knock on wood). So, with that being said, let’s look at the Start Em Sit Em for Week 5.

Start Em Sit Em QB


Teddy Bridgewater: The Panthers play the Falcons, whose secondary is depleted. He should have a field day with his weapons against the Falcons/

Daniel Jones: I thought Daniel Jones would have a better start as a fantasy option this year. He’s been lackluster so far, but he has an excellent chance to have his biggest week yet against the Cowboys. They’re less than stellar defense could be great for Daniel Jones in a shootout game.

Justin Herbert: I won’t lie, Justin Herbert has played well. Could it be that he’s good or that his supporting cast is good? Time will tell. However, he’s playing good enough for me to start him against the Saints Defense that has been leaky so far.


Baker Mayfield: Baker has a tough matchup against the stingy Colts defense. It just wouldn’t be wise to start him in this game.

Carson Wentz: Wentz hasn’t played well at all this season. It’s not all his fault. His options suck, and his line is even worse. Against the Steelers defense, look for him to have a bad day.

Brian Hoyer/Jarrett Stidham: First of all, why the fuck would you even start them? Just be smart and drop them and pick up someone else.

Start Em Sit Em RBs


Clyde Edwards-Helaire: The Raiders defense sucks. Sometimes it has good plays, but it won’t hold an offense the whole game. Much less, it won’t keep the Chiefs offense the entire game. Clyde should EAT against the Raiders.

James Robinson: James Robinson has been a pleasant surprise for the Jaguars. They play a terrible Houston team that just fired their head coach. Sometimes that means the team will play harder. Other times it means they will be disorganized. Either way, James Robinson is a risk I am willing to take.

Mike Davis: Mike Davis has been great in CMC’s absence. Against the Falcons, he should have a good day like Teddy Bridgewater.


Myles Gaskin: Myles Gaskin has a few good weeks, but he had a less than stellar week against the Seahawks. It’ll be worse this week against the 49ers, don’t start him.

Joe Mixon: With the Bengals facing the Ravens. Two things will happen. The Ravens defense will dominate, and the Bengals will have to throw to catch up. This means Joe Mixon’s value isn’t worth it. Sit him this week.

James White/Rex Burkhead: The Broncos front seven is still stout. With no hope at QB, the Patriots will focus on the run, and the Broncos will make that challenging for them.

Start Em Sit Em WRs


T.Y. Hilton: T.Y. hasn’t bounced back like I’ve wanted to, but he is still a good start this week. The Colts play the Browns, which could be a competitive game; T.Y. should be the #1 for the Colts to keep them in the game.

Diontae Johnson: Diontae Johnson is emerging as we at Vendetta said so. It’s mostly because most defenses focus on JuJu, and that opens up Diontae Johnson. The Eagles have Darius Slay, who will lockdown JuJu. Diontae Johnson will be open.

Tyler Lockett: Tyler Lockett has played well. I thought DK Metcalf would emerge as the #1 this year. But so far, Tyler Lockett still is the go-to for the Seahawks. Against the Vikings, he should be a smart start.


Terry McLaurin: The Redskins don’t have any reliable receivers other than Terry. Jalen Ramsey will make it hell for Terry. Don’t start him.

Cooper Kupp: Cooper Kupp has regressed this year. I wasn’t anticipating that. Even though the Redskins are worse than the Rams. They will try to run the ball and avoid the pass.

Marquise Brown: Surprisingly, the Bengals haven’t let up many fantasy points to WRs. Seeing that Marquise Brown is the #1, the Bengals will try to focus on him. To me, he might struggle against the Bengals, as odd as that sounds.

Start Em Sit Em TEs


Jonnu Smith: JONNU! He has emerged as one of the better fantasy TEs this year. TEs have done well against the Bills, so he is a smart start.

Tyler Eifert: Eifert has bounced back slightly. He has been a great receiving option. Against the Texans, he should have a great day.

Mo Alie-Cox: Mo Alie-Cox as the TE option for the Colts. As they play the Browns, the Browns have had trouble guarding TEs. It seems common sense to me.


Dalton Schultz: The Giants are horrible, and the Cowboys won’t pass unless they need to. Even if they do pass, Schultz isn’t the #1 receiving option. The Cowboys will want to run the ball as much as they can.

Noah Fant: The Patriots entirely shut down Darren Waller when the Raiders played the Patriots. There’s no question that he can do the same thing for Fant. Don’t even think about it.

Austin Hooper: The Browns face that tough Colts defense that I was mentioning earlier. I don’t like many receiving options in this match up but I think Hooper has a bad game compared to the other receivers.