Start Em Sit Em
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Welcome to the Start Em or Sit Em series, the first one we’ve done at Vendetta Sports. A few notes, this series will more likely be about the middle of the road guys or sleepers you should start, or guys you should NOT start. If you have Christian McCaffrey or Zeke Elliot, you start those guys every week, no matter what. If you have Mitch Trubisky as a QB, it’s an automatic sit for me. These are guys you’re just not sure about starting or sitting. That’s where I’m going to help you. Also, we will be asking on Twitter for any questions, and for Start Em or Sit Em, I will send you a video response of what I think! Let’s get into it.

Start Em Sit Em: QB


Matthew Stafford: The Bears defense is a formidable opponent; however, the Bears offense is lackluster. The Lions offense is good, but their defense sucks. For me, this is going to be a close game, and I don’t take the Lions backfield seriously. Matthew Stafford will have to carry this team this season again.

Cam Newton: I’m a firm believer that the Patriots won’t be that good this year. However, there are still fantasy implications. Cam Newton is on his way out. Then again, maybe not. His passing and running ability can still scare defenses. Against a questionable Dolphins defense, watch for Cam to have a good week.

Drew Lock: The Lock hype is real for me. I am on this train and may have overpaid for Lock for him in my fantasy league, but I don’t care. He’s the truth. The Titans have lost a few starters on their defense. Drew Lock should be able to exploit them and have a good week.


Baker Mayfield: I am one of the last few that believe Baker maybe could turn it around, at least fantasy-wise. But that doesn’t start this week. The Ravens are hungry and one of the best teams in the NFL. Behind their defense, they’re a nightmare for any QB. Sit Baker on this one.

Philip Rivers: I know what you’re thinking, “uh, the Jaguars suck, why shouldn’t I start Rivers?” When playing against bad teams, RBs are more valuable. Teams will run the ball more to milk the clock and won’t have to throw as much. The Colts should beat the Jaguars easily, which means less work for Rivers.

Daniel Jones: I’m a big Daniel Jones guy for fantasy this year. But, this might be the wrong time for him to start. The Steelers have one of the best defenses in the NFL and will sack and force turnovers. It’s risky to start Daniel Jones in this one.

Start Em Sit Em: RB


Josh Jacobs: Yes, I am going to be a homer. I have big plans for the Raiders this year. I think they win this game, and Josh Jacobs will be a big part of that. The Raiders want him to get involved with the passing game, so that’s good for PPR leagues. Against a Panthers team, it seems like a smart start for me.

Raheem Mostert: The 49ers are known for their run game and defense. The Cardinals, as prolific as their offense is, have a terrible defense. Mostert should run all over them.

Miles Sanders: Not only is Miles Sanders currently the #1 for the Eagles in the backfield; he’s a threat in the backfield. It doesn’t matter if the Eagles blow the Washington Football Team(?) out or not. Miles Sanders will get the ball no matter what.


Joe Mixon: Never saw the Joe Mixon fantasy hype. It may seem not very objective, but that was included in this sit em. Against a strong Chargers defense and the fact that the Bengals WILL be behind, Mixon’s value is worthless. It’s a bad matchup and a lousy fit.

Kenyan Drake: I love Drake this year; it’s just not a good game this week. I hate when anyone plays the 49ers defense. I think the Cardinals will have to pass a lot to keep up in this game, and that’ll depend less on Kenyan Drake.

Todd Gurley: I am not a fan of Todd Gurley in the first place, but he has a tough matchup against the Seahawks. No, the Seahawks defense isn’t what it once was, but it’s still stout. I think Atlanta is more of a passing team anyway. I’m not buying any Gurley stock this week.

Start Em Sit Em: WRs


Julian Edelman: Contrary to popular belief, Julian Edelman can still ball. Who is the second WR in New England, don’t google it; it doesn’t matter. Cam Newton will give the ball to Edelman against a shotty Dolphins defense.

Cooper Kupp: Cooper Kupp seems to be forgotten in WR hype every year. Kupp needs to be looked at seriously, and this week can prove that. I’m not all confident in the Cowboys secondary yet. Kupp and Woods could have a good game if this is competitive.

Adam Thielen: The biggest knock on Thielen was his injuries. He’s healthy now, and with Stefon Diggs gone, Thielen is the only established guy there. I think the Vikings and Packers game will be competitive, which means more catches and yards for the Vikings only reliable receiver.


DeVante Parker: I love Parker this year; however, he’s going up against one of the best Corners in the NFL. Parker is going to have a hard time getting points with Stephon Gilmore on him. Look elsewhere for WR production.

Terry McLaurin: Another one of my favorite guys, except in this matchup as Darius Slay will be on him like white on rice. I can’t see him having that good of a game. But prove me wrong.

AJ Brown: ANOTHER GUY THAT I LOVE, but not this week, as the Broncos defense is too be feared, which means that AJ Brown is going to have a rough start to this season. They’ll be focusing on AJ Brown and Derrick Henry; expect a long day for Brown.

Start Em Sit Em: TEs


Mark Andrews: Mark Andrews is one of the main targets for the Ravens and a TD machine. If the game is somehow close, look for Mark Andrews Fantasy production increase against the Browns.

Greg Olsen: I’m not convinced on the Falcons yet. I don’t think it will be a close game. However, if it is, look for Greg Olsen to make an impact.

Hunter Henry: With new starting QBs, TEs are their best friend. Even though Tyrod Taylor knows the Chargers system, Hunter Henry could still have a great day in PPR leagues. Chargers should blow out the Bengals, but Henry could see some concrete production.


Hayden Hurst: Never liked Hayden Hurst. When you have Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley, that’s all you need. Sure, the Seahawks will do their best to limit Julio and Ridley, that doesn’t mean Hurst will see more production.

Tyler Eifert: Jaguars are going to pass all game to try to keep up. That’s only good news for Jaguars receivers. The bad news is that they’re playing a stingy Colts defense. I can’t see Eifert being much of a factor in this one.

Tyler Higbee: I’m not too fond of Higbee either. After Kupp and Woods, I’d still say Van Jefferson or even Everett is a more appealing option to me. I don’t have full faith in the Cowboys secondary yet, so I think Kupp, Woods, and Jefferson will be fine carrying the load for the Rams in the passing game, leaving Higbee the odd man out.

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