Daniel Jones
Sarah Stier/Getty Images

I’m sure we know at least all the good QBs in the NFL as well as the good NFL Fantasy QBs. But there are some new QBs that some might not be sure about. Daniel Jones started in week 3 and never looked back. He was a rookie then, now he is a sophomore, will he make a jump in progress.

Daniel Jones 2019

Daniel Jones already had his work cut out for him as the Giants selecting him at 6th in the 2019 NFL Draft. There were memes and jokes with that selection, however, as a rookie QB, he didn’t really disappoint in 2019. He might have actually surpassed most expectations. Fantasy-wise, there were weeks that he would be awesome, and some weeks you wonder if Eli Manning would do better. There were 4 weeks in his 12-week resume that’s had 28 fantasy points or more. Then the rest of the 8 weeks he was under 15 fantasy points, including 2 games when he had under 10 points.

The thing to look to in fantasy is how often the Giants or other QBs will be throwing the ball. The Giants are a bad team, they’re horrible defensively. That means the Giants will be behind in a lot of games and the way to keep up is to throw the ball. The Giants are going to be throwing the ball A LOT this year. Daniel Jones receiving core isn’t terrible either. The trio of Darius Slayton, Golden Tate, and Sterling Shepard at WR will be good for Danny Dimes. They still have Evan Engram at TE and Saquon Barkley in the backfield. This offense isn’t terrible at all.

Final Assessment

Daniel Jones was a boom or bust option last season. This year he will try to find some consistency in fantasy points. He averaged about 16 points last year. If he can get to 20+ points or more weekly, he is a stud. Daniel Jones could be a late round find you get and he ends up being one the better QBs in the league for fantasy. There’s a lot of uncertainty about him, that’s why I wouldn’t put him higher that QB2, but a really good QB2.