Cooper Kupp
Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

It’s not too often when top fantasy options somehow increase in value. But Cooper Kupp seems to be more valuable in 2020 than he was in 2019. What’s the big deal? You ask, well, Cooper Kupp was already a top 4 fantasy WR last year? Is it possible that he could even be better this year?

I still haven’t explained how he can be more valuable. One of the Rams’ most notable departures was Brandin Cooks. Brandin Cooks was the Rams clear number 3 WR option and the speedster for the Rams. Now that he is on the Houston Texans, that will only increase the targets thrown to Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods, the #2 WR option for the Rams. Also, the Rams lost Todd Gurley, while his production was diminishing, I’m not entirely confident in Cam Akers yet. The Rams might find themselves behind in a lot of games and when you’re behind, you throw the ball.

If Cooper Kupp can somehow increase his numbers from last year, it would be super impressive. He already had 94 receptions, 1,161 yards, and 10 TDs. Without Cooks, you can expect these numbers to jump. How much is the real question. Brandin Cooks saw 72 targets last year, even if you split that up evenly between Woods and Kupp, that is approximately 36 more targets for the each other. Their numbers should soar. Whether or not I believe Jared Goff is a terrible QB.

Final Assessment

Cooper Kupp was a top 4 fantasy WR last year, can we really expect him to move down rankings when he will probably get more targets absolutely not. It’ll be hard to say that he will move up past 4 given the talent of WRs there are. However, I would be dumb to say that Cooper Kupp can’t be a top fantasy WR. If the top 3 in Michael Thomas, Davante Adams, and Julio Jones are not available, Cooper Kupp might be your best option for a WR. He’s not the biggest name, but he’s one of the best names you can get in fantasy.