Sam Darnold
Sam Darnold will thrive in Carolina. The haters should be sick because the Panthers got a good one and this puppy is going to work. (Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Sam Darnold Will Thrive With The Panthers

If you think Sam Darnold is a bad quarterback, I can’t take your football opinion seriously. Not disputable, it’s just the way it is. No quarterback that has entered the league in the last ten years has gotten a more unfair shake than the former number three overall pick in 2018. Words cannot describe how happy I am for Darnold and his trade to the Panthers is bad news for the haters. Darnold is going to light it up in Carolina.

Throw the stats out the window when it comes to Darnold. The guy never had a fighting chance in New York. Without question, the Jets have had the worst roster in the league since Darnold was drafted. His head coach? Oh, the GASE OF HELL! Ryan Tannehill looks like a totally different man, and so will Sam.

His number one wide receiver? Jamison Crowder? Tight end? Never heard of him? Offensive line? May as well throw me out there. Running back? A washed Le’Veon Bell who nobody wants right now. Nobody and I mean nobody has had more to overcome than Sam Darnold.

Darnold and Josh Allen were the two gems in the 2018 quarterback class. I can’t respect your opinion if you think otherwise. Lamar Jackson is a joke. Baker Mayfield is a better version of Case Keenum. Great… We all know what happened to Josh Rosen. Sam Darnold is SPECIAL. Sure he’s a little reckless with the football and plays like a former linebacker sometimes, but the dude has talent.

Darnold can make throws Teddy Bridgewater could not. He’s a hell of a lot more agile too. Better yet, he has real support now. Robby Anderson is part of his arsenal again! DJ Moore is the best receiver by a long shot Darnold has ever worked with. Best of all, Matt Rhule is a billion times the coach Adam Gase is. Hell, Darnold even gets Joe Brady. A cleaver offensive coordinator you say! I haven’t even gotten to Christian McCaffrey yet.

This is a joke. The Panthers are the 4th lowest priced team in the SimBull app. I can promise you they will finish the year much, much higher than that. Matt Rhule has a track record. The first year is always bad whether that be at Temple, Baylor, or with the Panthers. That’s fine, you losers go ahead and sell. I’ll double down. Carolina is an even better buy on SimBull now.

Darnold has such an opportunity here. The Panthers already exercised their 5th year option on Darnold. They believe in him. Rhule was going to take the Jets job because he liked Darnold. Of course, he turned it down because they’re the Jets. He gets his guy anyway. Just wait. The haters are in for a rude awakening.

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