SimBull NFL
SimBull NFL

As many of you now know SimBull has joined the journey with Vendetta Sports Media to the moon. Right out of the gate I started to evaluate the SimBull NFL market. The best strategy to make some good money this season is to buy teams up now before free agency and the NFL Draft. Therefore, I have come up with my three best buys and three best sells.

Undervalued SimBull NFL Buys

SimGiants- The Giants being listed at $21.43 a share right now is a solid investment. Coach Joe Judge had that team playing wonderfully for him during the season, just missing a playoff spot. With Defensive Coordinator Patrick Graham sticking around expect the Giants to have another great defensive year. However, the biggest question for the Giants is the offense.

Daniel Jones started to play much better during the Giants’ mid-season resurgence. However, a hamstring injury derailed the team’s momentum. Jones will be healthy coming into this year and being this is a make it or break it year for the third year Quarterback. I expect Jones to progress with the return of Saquon Barkley. Nevertheless, should the Giants get Kenny Golladay or Allen Robinson the price of this team will skyrocket. Let’s not forget the Giants’ draft position either as they easily can get a stud receiving threat (i.e. Kyle Pitts).

SimJets- The Jets are listed at $18.34 a share and it can only go up from here. The Jets cannot possibly be much worse than last year with their draft capital and cap space. Nevertheless, being heavily mentioned in Deshaun Watson trade rumors. This is my biggest dark horse pick. The Jets could very well get Watson and really build around him in the same season.

The current stock price for them is very undervalued and should be bought up now. Yes, they play in a tough division. However, Watson changes the entire outlook of the season.

SimPanthers- The Panthers are listed at $23.33 a share with a high draft choice awaiting them and the return of Christian McCaffrey this price should go up on that alone. Nevertheless, this is another team that is involved in Watson trade rumors quite frequently. Should the Panthers land Watson that team is ready to make a Wild Card run immediately.

You will not get a better bargain than this. Buy the Panthers now their price will only go up.

Overvalued SimBull NFL Sells

SimSaints- The Saints are not a great buy at $32.76 a share. Drew Brees does not have it anymore and although he hasn’t announced his retirement it is widely believed he will soon. Regardless, the Saints have a good defense and great weapons on offense. However, the QB position is a big question mark. Brees won’t cut it anymore and if the Saints really buy the Taysom Hill nonsense and let Jameis Winston walk. They will be in a boatload of trouble. If there was anyone worth shorting it’s the Saints. Not to mention all of the cap space concerns.

SimSeahawks– The Seahawks being listed at $33.33 a share is way too high for a team that has no defense. Not to mention Russell Wilson is now not happy and has already threatened to demand a trade. You do not want to buy a team that high with QB and overall team concerns. The Seahawks got their teeth kicked in during the Wild Card round and being in the NFC West it’s hard to imagine them getting much better.

SimCowboys- The Cowboys are listed at $30.77 a share that is by far way too high for a team that went 6-10. Mike McCarthy is not the guy for that team and it’s all just one big mess. Dak Prescott is coming off a broken ankle and who knows what he looks like next year. Do not buy this team at such a high price. The Cowboys are in no shape to be winning games right now.

Follow my advice and you will make money this NFL season. Use our code “vendetta” when signing up to receive a bonus of $10 when you make your first deposit.