Seattle Seahawks
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SimBull NFL Full Team Breakdown 2021: Seattle Seahawks

After all the Russell Wilson drama from this off-season, it appears the Seattle Seahawks are going to be able to compete for a playoff spot once again, but what does that mean for investors on SimBull? They are currently the 16th most expensive share in the SimNFL market at $44.58 each.

Biggest Reason to Invest on SimBull

There is a very short list of reasons to invest in Seattle at the moment if I am being frank. Russell Wilson. Without him, this team is shockingly scary for investors. Wilson’s ability to move in the pocket and throw on the run has saved his team on numerous occasions.

Biggest Reason Not to Invest on SimBull

Wilson wanted out of Seattle it seemed like, and nobody really blamed him. Year after year he was given a horrible offensive line, and the team made little to no attempt to strengthen their weakest unit. As Wilson gets older, he naturally will become less and less mobile. He will need great tackles to keep him in the pocket, and if that does not happen he will become less effective.

Seattle also had their worst defensive year in close to a decade with Carroll in 2020. This team was dominant in the Legion of Boom era, now they can barely stop a bloody nose.

My Opinion

With Caroll in what seems like his final years, combined with the previous off-season drama surrounding their quarterback, this team is a do-not-buy for me. Despite them being smack dab in the middle of the entire SimNFL market, their current share price is a bit high considering the uncertainty of what is to come.

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