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Detroit Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell’s First Day at Allen Park. (Detroit Lions via AP)

SimBull Full Team Breakdown: Detroit Lions

The breakdowns never stop here at Vendetta Sports Media as we continue our 32 team breakdown for SimBull value with the Detroit Lions. This team was not very good last year, but this offseason they have made strides to turn their organization around. I am on the record with Alex Chick as saying I lowkey like this Lions team for the 2021 season, and I will dive into why you should maybe invest now before the going gets good. We most recently covered the Broncos, which you can find here.

Biggest Reasons To Buy On SimBull

I know what you’re thinking: Garrett, there can’t be a lot of reasons you would WANT to invest in Detroit. Let me explain. For starters, they quietly have built an arguably top 10 offensive line with rookie Penei Sewell (at least he was a good pick) Frank Ragnow, Taylor Decker, and second-year man Jonah Jackson looks to be a real stud. This line should be able to keep newly acquired Quarterback Jared Goff upright and let him work. The defense has some nice pieces in Romeo Okwara, Trey Flowers, and Jeff Okudah, once he remembers how to play football. Not to mention newly hired Head Coach Dan Campbell, who is a bit out there but will definitely bring a new mindset and swagger to this team. The Detroit Lions are definitely being built the right way.

Biggest Reasons To Avoid Buying On SimBull

However, they are basically at ground zero for their rebuild and they play in a division with Green Bay, Minnesota and Chicago all very good teams. Yes, Chicago WILL be good with Justin Fields. With SimBull being all about wins earning you money, I don’t see 10+ wins for this team obviously. In division will be hard but they also have one of the toughest schedules in the NFL as a whole. With their draft class not being the best either, you might not be able to lean on a lot of these young guys stepping up in their first year.

My Opinion

In the article above, Alex Chick listed the Detroit Lions as the worst buy in the NFC North. I might be in the minority in the media who actually like what Detroit is doing. I love the Dan Campbell hire. Their offensive line is fantastic and Jared Goff can prove he isn’t just a system Quarterback. At $28 a share, 6th lowest on SimBull, I would grab some shares and watch it grow over time. I give my stamp of approval for the Detroit Lions.

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