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SimBull Full Team Breakdown: The Denver Broncos

As our coverage of all 32 teams in terms of SimBull value continues, we come upon the Denver Broncos. A team that some would say underperformed last season but also dealt with a handful of key injuries on both offense and defense. With a fully healthy roster (fingers crossed) going into 2021, how will they fare in the AFC West? Their current SimBull value is at $32 a share, and we will get into why and why you shouldn’t invest. We most recently covered the Cowboys, which you can find here.

Biggest Reasons To Buy On SimBull

I would be remiss if I didn’t announce my love for Drew Lock. Lock, against what many people say, does not suck. He has all the talent in the world, and definitely a great supporting cast around him. Cortland Sutton coming back off a torn ACL, Jerry Jeudy in his second year of the offense, Noah Fant, and one of the best draft classes this year. The offense should be no problem, and the defense has a lot of help on the way as well. Newly signed Kyle Fuller to help mentor Patrick Surtain II, Von Miller coming back off injury as well and others should make a good case to slow down opposing offenses in the division. But I can’t not mention Quinn Meinerz letting the belly breathe in the crisp May air here in Denver is something we all need in our life.

Biggest Reasons To Avoid Buying On SimBull

There are a few questions still about the defense if they can get back to their form or ever reach their potential. Because this is a very good defensive unit in Denver with a defensive-minded Head Coach in Vic Fangio. But, Fangio is a massive question mark as well because his tenure in Denver hasn’t been the best. Denver also plays in a slaughterhouse of a division in the AFC West which doesn’t help their SimBull future dividends or money to be made off wins. If Drew Lock can take that next step and if the defense plays up to their potential, this can be a good team. But the optimal word in there is IF.

My Opinion

The Denver Broncos are a curious case. On the one hand, I really like this team and the roster they have I think can make some noise. But, we just need to see development out of Drew Lock. I mentioned the same thing in our breakdown of the Browns, a lot of this team’s future rides on the shoulders of Lock. At $32 a share, I would maybe avoid buying for right now to see if their stock drops a bit. If it does, grab a share. But if it maintains at its current price or even goes up, they may be a team to avoid.

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