Bengals Offseason Needs
Joe Burrow looked the part of a franchise quarterback, and getting him protection will be the focus of the Bengals offseason. (Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)

SimBull Full Team Breakdown: Cincinnati Bengals

We continue our breakdown of all 32 teams in terms of their SimBull value with our next team up: the Cincinnati Bengals. There is a lot to like about this team and how they are being built. They have a young roster filled with very nice players. However, does their price steer people away from investing? Our most recent team breakdown was of the Panthers, which you can find here.

Biggest Reasons To Buy On SimBull

Like I mentioned above, this roster is filled with nice, young pieces to have around returning quarterback Joe Burrow. They drafted Ja’Marr Chase at 5 and got some desperately needed offensive line help in the draft as well. Cincinnati is building an underrated receiving room now with Chase, Tyler Boyd, and Tee Higgins. They added help on defense both through the draft and in free agency, most notably signing Trey Hendrickson and Chidobe Awuzie. These guys and others should help boost a defensive unit that was 22nd in the league last season. Another full season for Zac Taylor under his belt should also help his confidence and experience in key moments as well going into the 2021 NFL season.

Biggest Reasons To Avoid Buying On SimBull

Well…there’s a lot. For starters, why are they so expensive? Valued currently at a whopping $62 is absurd, by far the highest on SimBull. There’s so many better value buys that you can find to better spend your money. Next, the division they play in is a murder’s row of insanely talented football teams. Trying to find wins in the AFC North WILL come at a premium. You can play the long game with this investment but you won’t see many win payouts this season. But the biggest question of all is how well can they protect Joe Burrow? Drafting Ja’Marr chase won’t help block Burrows’ blindside.

My Opinion

I would not touch this team with a 10-foot pole. They are outrageously overpriced, I don’t see much value in such a large investment and I can’t see their price continuing to rise from where it is now. I linked our best buys going into 2021 earlier, I would read that and pick from there instead. Avoid the Bengals at all costs.

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