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SimBull Full Team Breakdown: Carolina Panthers

As we continue to provide breakdowns for all 32 teams In terms of their value on SimBull, we come up to the Carolina Panthers. There is a ton to like about this Panthers team top to bottom. Are they a good value in terms of investing on SimBull? Stay tuned. We most recently covered the Baltimore Ravens, which you can find here.

Biggest Reasons To Buy on SimBull

Like I mentioned above, there are a million things to like about this Panthers team. Matt Rhule will be going into his second year as Head Coach. They will be getting Christian McCaffrey back from injuries all last year. Obviously, there’s the trade for Sam Darnold, who in this household we do not slander we support instead. They killed the draft this year, so you can expect many of their picks to be day 1 starters and helping out right away. The offense will be humming, and the defense is no slouch either. The duo of Brian Burns and Jeremy Chinn along with newly drafted Jaycee Horn will lead this defensive unit. 

Biggest Reasons To Avoid Buying on SimBull

Playing in a division with Tom Brady is never fun, unfortunately, Sam Darnold already knows this. The NFC South is a tough division, so wins might come at a premium for such a young team in Carolina. Also, you have to take into consideration that this will be Darnold’s first season in a new system so we don’t know what he will look like. There’s a lot of great head coaches in this division who will gameplan to make life miserable for him. But hey, at least he has Joe Douglas rooting for him. Oh, the irony.

My Opinion

Like Dogecoin, the Carolina Panthers on SimBull are going to the moon. There is a reason we have them listed as one of our best buys going into the next season. I absolutely love what they are doing as a franchise, and I see a super-promising future for this team. And at $29 a share, you should dump a decent amount of money into this team, I promise it will be worth it.

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