LeBron James
Should LeBron James just retire before he continues to tarnish his legacy? There’s been nothing positive since he joined the #Lakeshow (Scott Varley/Digital First Media/Torrance Daily Breeze via Getty Images)

LeBron James had a quote recently that pretty much summed up his tenure with the Lakers – “I have nothing left to prove”. It was an all-time loser comment. Could you imagine Tom Brady ever saying something like this? It became pretty clear that LeBron came to Los Angeles to grow his media empire, not his basketball legacy.

Since joining the Lakers, there isn’t one positive thing you can point to. It’s been all negative. From chugging wine on the bench, to throwing teammates under the bus, to being the biggest hypocrite ever, to refusing to play defense, to leading a team to a below .500 record. Nothing has gone well. This begs the question. Should LeBron just retire if he’s not going to be all in on basketball?

Let’s be honest here for a second. If you were starting a team from scratch right now to carry for the next however many years, how many players would you take over LeBron? It has to be at least 20. Even LeBron’s biggest supporters would say that. I wouldn’t want him at all. Let me ask another question. If the Lakers could tear up his contract tomorrow, would they? They would be lying if they didn’t at least have some doubts at this point. His talent use to be able to cover up his warts but he clearly has either lost a step, is mentally weak, or just isn’t committed to the basketball as he is to business off the court. He’s now turned into a total cancer inside the locker room.

There is a lot of pressure on LeBron to deliver a title for the Lakers. All the great ones have that have worn a Lakers uniform. Magic, Shaq, Wilt, Jerry, Kobe, Kareem, Elgin… etc. They all won titles. Can you imagine what will happen if LeBron doesn’t? At this point, he isn’t even in the playoffs and more than half the league gets into the dance. If the Lakers don’t land Anthony Davis, then what happens?

The only thing that LeBron James is doing is tarnishing his legacy. He could have just ridden out his final days in Cleveland and slowly went away and I don’t think anyone would have cared. Obviously, LeBron was never going to do that because he ruined the Cavs cap situation. Instead, LeBron went to the Lakers and looks like he is drunk on Vino every time he plays on the defensive end of the floor. This is a guy who criticized his teammates for being distracted but is taking games off to record music with 2 Chainz.

Why not just retire? LeBron is more focused on growing a pizza chain, a media empire, and wine collection. I have news for him. His pizza isn’t as good as Dominos, he isn’t Steven Spielberg, and he probably needs an intervention for alcoholism. This man is feeding under age children wine. He’s clearly lost his mind and his recent hypocritical comments only help my case.

At the moment people argue whether LeBron or MJ is the best player in the world. (I never believed that, Durant is better than both) The only thing he is doing is tarnishing that. More and more people are going to keep flocking to my side when Kevin Durant keeps winning and LeBron misses the playoffs and makes a fool out of himself. Go out with some pride. He clearly isn’t all in and will continue to ruin the back 9 of his career. If LeBron is going to keep doing what he’s doing, he’s better off retiring. Every Laker fan should pray that he does. Who wants 3 more years of that trash?