LeBron James
After Loss To Hawks, LeBron James Mocks His Teammates Again. The Los Angeles Media Has Started To Revolt (Harry How/Getty Images)

We all know the NBA regular season means nothing but you have to at least make the playoffs to be taken seriously. The Lakers are actually fighting for their playoff lives so every game heading down the stretch actually means something. You would think that a game against the pathetic Hawks would be a layup for a team that needs every win they can get. Think again, the Lakers actually lost to the Hawks.

Following the loss, LeBron James went back to jackass mode. I watched bits and pieces of the game. James couldn’t have given less effort on the defensive end of the floor. He did drop 28 points which was good. However, after a bad loss like that, wouldn’t it be wise to not throw your teammates under the bus. Because of, course, they were already on edge after trying to trade ALL of them for Anthony Davis. Nope, LeBron pulled another classic LeBron.

Following the loss to the Hawks, LeBron spoke to the media. LeBron essentially congratulated himself and mocked his teammates for not making the All-Star game. According to LeBron, they will have a lot more down time to think things over than he will. Because LeBron is going to the All-Star Game. I wonder why nobody likes this guy?

The best part of this is that the LA media is actually turning on him. Just last week, one Lakers beat writer wanted him traded. Now another Bill Plaschke of the LA Times, is revolting against LeBron. I’m not sure why everyone is surprised. This is what happens when you make a deal with the devil:

“He was the greatest and most celebrated acquisition in franchise history. He was going to immediately carry the team deep into the playoffs. He was going to attract the fellow stars that would eventually lead them to a championship.

That was the hype. Eight months later, perhaps it’s a good time to examine LeBron James’ Lakers reality.


His camp reportedly tried to get coach Luke Walton fired.

His hand-picked veteran acquisitions were involved in a heated locker room incident with Walton.

His agent failed miserably in an attempted power play to force Anthony Davis to the Lakers.

His young teammates have had to listen to the believable chants that James wanted them traded for Davis.

He has sat with three vacant seats between him and those teammates during a recent blowout loss

He has missed 17 games with a slow-healing groin injury that could be related to the wear on his 34-year-old body.

He has told reporters that he wasn’t chasing a championship in Los Angeles, saying, “There’s nothing I need to get in this league that I don’t already have. Everything else for me is just like icing on the cake.’’

The days of LeBron James being considered the best player in the world are over if the Lakers miss the players. Even his biggest supporters would have to admit that. Frankly, I’ve never thought that LeBron James was the greatest basketball player. In fact, I would never want him and it’s because of what Plaschke eluded to.

That’s been LeBron’s entire career. Coach killer, cancer in the locker room, making terrible roster decisions, playing elementary style of isolation basketball, quitting on his team when things don’t go well, making teammates worse, not caring about winning, showing up to games drunk, acting like a jackass, etc, etc, etc. LeBron James could have been the greatest athlete the world has ever seen. Instead, he will always be remembered for a guy that never won as much as he should have. It’s because of all of those reasons among others why LeBron should never be remembered in a positive light.

The most hilarious part of this is that LA off all cities is rioting. This is the biggest fair whether fan base that exists. The Super Bowl was a Patriots home game. The World Series turned into 5 games at Fenway Park. LA doesn’t have real fans. The Lakers do have a storied history and apparently aren’t willing to put up with LeBron’s bullshit. I’m impressed. Since joining the Lakers, LeBron has made a mockery of all the great Lakers before him. “I’m not ring chasing. I have nothing left to prove” Does that sound like a real leader? It’s only a matter of time before more people join my side in the battle of anti-LeBron liberation.