LeBron James’ teammates clearly do not like him (Michael Lee)

The Lakers lost by 42 last night to the Pacers marking the worst loss of LeBron James’ career. LeGm strikes again. This time it’s come back to haunt his team in a way we haven’t seen before. Have the Lakers quit on LeBron James? After losing by 42 that appears to be the case. By why would the Lakers quit on LeBron? Well, when LeBron offers the entire team in an Anthony Davis trade, it’s not hard to figure out why some of the young players may have shut it down.

Here’s Brandon Ingram at the free throw line:

Brandon Ingram knows that every single one of those fans is correct. LeBron will trade him whether it be for Anthony Davis or somebody else, LeBron will trade Ingram. If I’m Ingram today, why not shift the tables? If LeBron were involved in trade rumors; what do you think would happen? He would be out of there in a second and shift the powers to make it seem pro mobility. If I’m Brandon Ingram, I’m requesting a trade. Why would I want to play with this cancer? He’s already stunting Ingram’s growth as a player on the court. And yes, it’s been statistically proven that LeBron has had a negative impact on Ingram when they play together.

What’s even more hilarious is it’s not just Ingram. His entire team clearly hates LeBron.

This is incredible. This is the kind of shit that happens in Elementary school where no one wants to sit with that one kid at lunch. But how did we really get here. Offering to trade all of his teammates is one thing. The one thing this really proves is LeBron James is a terrible leader.

Do you know why the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl despite having less talent than each of the three teams they beat in the playoffs? It’s because New England has the best culture in the league. Tom Brady is the ultimate team guy. Bill Belichick doesn’t put up with shit. If a problem arises, it’s handled internally and the media never finds out about it. If a player causes a problem, Bill Belichick ships him out the next day (Malcolm Butler) because the culture means everything.

That word doesn’t exist with LeBron. The Patriots win because of their system. LeBron James is the system. He plays an elementary style and lets his teammates rot in the corner with very little ball movement. He also refuses to be coached and often times gets coaches fired so he can put a puppet in his place (Ty Lue).

You know what else? Tom Brady really is the ultimate team guy. LeBron James is just an egotistical maniac that wants to constantly be praised and even tries to change the narrative when it doesn’t fit the narrative he wants.

Did you hear that? Being called the GOAT makes Tom Brady cringe. He thrives off of criticism and his teammates’ rally around him. What does LeBron do? Well, you know. The guy just calls himself the greatest while he sips on wine and looks like a total jackass. Greatness is understood. If you have to go running around and telling people how great you are, you’re probably not that great.

You know why else the Lakers hate him? I don’t know, maybe having a drunk teammate probably isn’t desired quality.

He’s made a mockery of the sport. Showing up with an open container of win. Sitting on the bench drinking wine. Is that something any other great athlete would do on the sidelines? You want to know why the young Lakers hate him? It’s not hard to figure out why.