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Is March The Best Sports Month Of The Year?

Is March the best sports month of the year? Let me explain (McDonald’s)

Today is March 1st which means it’s time to party. March is the best sports month of the year. This isn’t a typical blog that I normally do but I wanted to give this month the love that it deserves. Tweet at me (@treydaubert) to let me know what your favorite month is!

1: Shamrock Shakes

The number one reason why March rocks starts and ends with Shamrock Shakes. Nothing is better than that first Shamrock Shake of the year from McDonald’s. For me, it was the first sign that Summer was near and it was time to gear up with an awesome Spring. It also signified the end of Wrestling season. Nothing was better than having Wrestling season end and chugging five shakes not having to make weight every week.

Not loving Shamrock Shakes is one of those things that makes me look at you differently. It’s a delicacy that can’t be replaced by anything else when March rolls around. Some would argue that your first Shamrock Shake is better than the first time having Sex.

2: NCAA Tournament

I don’t care what year it is. The NCAA Tournament is the best. It’s a great time of the year to gamble. Nothing is better than the feeling of filling out a winning bracket. Doing 5 hours of meaningless research to find that perfect round one upset feels so rewarding. It’s the only sporting event that you can’t take your eyes away during the first two rounds of the tournament. Grab a Shamrock Shake and watch 12 straight hours of College Basketball. If you’re in a bracket challenge and your bracket has a chance to take home some cash, it’s one of the biggest rushes you will feel in life.

3: NFL Scouting Combine

I watch all 800 hours of the combine. My dream job was always to be a general manager of a sports team. The NFL Scouting Combine is the lifeblood of what it takes to do that job. I love scouting and trying to find players that are undervalued for whatever reason. I’m obsessed with the combine. Plus, March is really the first month when you can start talking about the draft 24/7 until the lead up to the actual Draft. Too bad we don’t have Mayock this year :(.

I could also mention NFL free agency but that’s a bitter sweet time for me. It’s a lot of typing to prepare for.

4: Fantasy Football

My first fantasy draft of the year takes place the week before the NFL Draft. That means I have to start prepping for Fantasy this month. I need to do my research on the guys in College I want to draft. I need to prepare for the rookies coming into the NFL. I need to budget my team to make sure I want to spend in the right places during the Auction draft. If you’re not doing an auction fantasy draft, you’re playing checkers instead of chess. You don’t know what you’re missing and you probably need to grow a pair.

5: Opening Day

Baseball is back. Opening Day is at the back end of March. I watch about 140 Red Sox games per year. It’s the most relaxing sport to watch during the regular season. Especially when your team is good. The trick is you have to DVR the game you want to watch and start watching 30 to 45 minutes late. This way you fast forward right through the commercials but you’re not too far behind game action. It gives you time to prep some food and get some work done if need be. Then after you catch up in the 5th inning or so, pause it again a watch your TV show or pull up some Youtube videos for about 20 minutes. Then finish the game. If you take this strategy, I guarantee you that you will find baseball enjoyable if you haven’t before. There’s no stress involved early in the season. If your team loses, no big deal, there’s always tomorrow.

If you’re looking for a team to root for, you can join my Red Sox fandom. Winning 108 games and a World Series is fun. Plus, they are loaded again this year.

6: NBA and NHL Regular Seasons wrapping up

Thank god. Nothing is worse than having nothing to watch except for regular season NBA and NHL. It’s horrible. The games mean absolutely nothing. Wake me up for the playoffs when the games really count.

Is March the best sports month of the year? Make sure to let me know if you have a month that’s better!

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