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Sal Licata Is A Moron, SNY Should Be Embarrassed

Sal Licata

(SNY Screengrab)

Sal Licata
Sal Licata is a moron and SNY should be embarrassed that they employ him. Licata is a clown that needs to be exposed. Here is why. (SNY Screengrab)

Sal Licata Is A Moron, SNY Should Be Embarrassed

I’m invested now. I’m deep in the mud for Mets Twitter and I’m going to make sure Steve Cohen regrets his decision to not give me the President of Baseball Ops job. With that being said, I’ve now integrated myself into the deep dark web of the Mets media. Who exactly is pulling the narrative strings behind the scenes? Turns out we have uncovered a fraud and this man needs to be exposed. Sal Licata is a moron and SNY should be embarrassed for employing this dope.

Many of you may think that Trey is unreasonable and quick to overreact. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve just been collecting evidence until the time comes for it to be used. Just know this has been something I’ve been seeing for a while and now this man needs to start being held accountable.

Think I’m being harsh? I could have blasted Licata for declaring the NL East race was over in May. I didn’t.

What did Trey say? Trey was on the on money, of course. I called Billy Eppler out for being a Charmin Ultra soft gm for his trade deadline performance. Something that cost the Mets the division title and resulted in an early playoff exit.

Then this loud mouth decided to be ignorant again. I ignored it at the time but now I am unwilling to do so. Let’s talk about Jacob deGrom because what Licata suggests is idiotic. Licata suggests that deGrom doesn’t care about winning because he signed with the Rangers. Something that anyone who’s actually educated would never try to claim.

This is just so disgusting for a number of different reasons:

A: The Rangers offered the 5th year when the Mets were unwilling to do so. Texas had the high bid. The Mets offer was in the $120 million range over three years. deGrom, of course, later signed with Texas for $185 million while also getting a 6th year vesting option. I can guarantee this. If ESPN offered Licata an extra $55 million to spurn SNY for, he’d jump at it in a second. It takes a rare circumstance to tell a grown man how he should handle his finances and this one isn’t one of them.

B: Jacob deGrom wanted to go south. He’s from Florida. This wasn’t a secret. To ignore that fact entirely when talking about his decision to leave the Mets screams ignorance. Are you here to suggest that being close to family shouldn’t be a factor at all? I did some research. Turns out you’re from New York and working for SNY. Maybe look in the mirror?

C: In what world are the Mets this high class organization? In what world are the Mets this stable organization that wins while the Rangers are the poo poo platter of organizations? I got a stat for you. Check this out. Jacob deGrom made his debut with the Mets in 2014. Let’s see how both organizations have fared since that time.

Mets: Division Titles (1)

Rangers: Division Titles (2)

Now that seems a little unfair considering the Mets are a different version of themselves since Steve Cohen bought the team. Maybe you can argue that. However, the Mets have still won zero division titles and zero playoff series wins since the purchase. The same number as the Rangers.

In fact, I’d argue Texas does have a better chance of winning over the life of the contract. All things being equal, you can certainly make that argument. When it comes to the future, the pitching staff that Texas could feature once Jack Leiter and Kumar Rocker reach the big leagues could be scary. Mentoring those two future aces sounds pretty intriguing to me. Especially when you consider the resume of Bruce Bochy and pitching background of new general manager Chris Young.

D: The correct answer to this whole deGrom situation was to trade him three years ago. Something I tried to shout from the roof tops while nobody listened. Three years ago at peak value you could have gotten the house for deGrom. It’s the first order of business I would have made had I gotten the job. All those pieces I could have acquired via trade would have turned into key contributors for the 2023 team. Something the Mets don’t have because they made the wrong call with deGrom. Instead, they got nothing for one of the best players that’s ever worn a Mets uniform.

You tell me who’s the bad guy here? You tell me why I don’t have this job?

Now let’s get to why I’m really here because this next thing is what pushed things over the edge. It’s time Licata becomes exposed because you’re not even going to believe this next piece of evidence I have to show you.

He’s so lucky I wasn’t on that SNY desk after he said this. So lucky.

A: I’m not going to sit here and pretend I watch overseas baseball. Trey has enough things to do and I’m not going to pretend otherwise. Maybe one day we can find an expert on the KBL. Until then, I’ll rely on things I read about pitchers from overseas that are about to make their way to MLB. When the Mets start cutting me a check, then it’s a different story.

B: If I’m going to do a TV segment about why I prefer to have Kodai Senga over Chris Bassitt, you better believe I’m coming to the table with more than “potential upside”, “intrigue”, and “unknown” as my description. Anybody that watched Licata’s segment knows that he doesn’t have a single clue what he’s talking about in terms of a scouting report for Senga. Not a clue.

C: Can you imagine if the Mets went to Senga’s representatives with this pitch?

“Don’t worry, if you suck we can just throw you in the 7th inning as a bullpen piece”

I’m sure he’d love to hear that. I’d love to sit in on that meeting to watch the Mets foam over him while using the words “unknown” and “intrigue”. I’m not going to make this into something that it’s not but don’t you think it’s a little ignorant for Licata to sit there and dissect an Asian professional baseball player while describing him in a way that makes him seem like some sort of alien? Someone else can take it there but it’s questionable nevertheless.

D: If Senga stinks and they throw him in the 7th inning as a failed starter, that should be a fireable offense to any general manager that gives that contract out. You don’t give $110 million out like it’s candy. I would never suggest that I’m going to spend Steve Cohen’s money on something I’m not educated on.

E: Everything I’ve read on Senga suggests that he is the real deal. If you want to read a real scouting report on him, has a pretty good piece on what you need to know.

Things that you will find in the article: Resume, pitch repertoire, and stats including ones you wouldn’t find elsewhere from Sports Info Solutions – a place I used to work for.

Things you won’t find in the article: The words “unknown”, “intrigue”, “potential upside”

Can I just ask this question? What exact upside is there in a 29-year-old? He’s already developed into what he is. It’s not like the guy is 19 and we’re unsure of what we’re getting. This is just a matter of how Senga translates at the MLB level. Nothing Licata says even makes sense from a human development standpoint either. It’s someone who’s uneducated trying to advocate for something he has no idea about.

F: Keep in mind, rocks for brains Sal gets paid for this. I could take the opinion of a five year old and could get the EXACT same response. This man collects checks to be ignorant. At what point does SNY need to take action? Food for thought.

There are people like Sal Licata all over this industry. Boston has more than one with Peter Abraham being our most recent example written about.

SNY should be embarrassed this trot this trash out on their network every day. Nobody that acts like this could ever work for this place. Vendetta exists to expose the frauds in the media and Sal Licata is one of them.

End of blog. Do better, Sal Licata.

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hector zen

you need to get a hobby bro lmao


Why pick on Sal, they(SNY) employ bimbos as experts who dont know who Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman, or Gil Hodges were, go after SNY with a rant for hiring no nothing bimbos

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