Jacob deGrom
The Mets need to trade Jacob deGrom. It’s time to recognize the window is over and start the rebuild. The Mets aren’t winning with or without him. (John Bazemore/Associated Press)

Baseball is all about executing your window. When you’re in win-now mode, you better do everything in your power to buy and boost your World Series odds. You should be ashamed of doing anything else, but.

The same can be said for cutting the cord. When you have a team that isn’t going anywhere, rebuild it and start over. Refusing to do so can set your franchise back for years. Look at the Angels right now. LA has refused to sell and have wasted Mike Trout.

It’s time we take a hard look at the Mets. Brodie Van Wagenen has put his stamp on the team. He’s done everything he can to put together a winner. The truth of the matter is, the Mets needed to rebuild. Now they have to look themselves dead in the eye and recognize they have wasted Jacob deGrom.

DeGrom, 32, has arguably been the best pitcher in baseball for the past three years. The problem is he’s not getting any younger and the Mets still aren’t close. We have been doing this song and dance for how long with the Mets? At what point do we say “it’s time to blow this puppy up”.

DeGrom would go a ton on the trade market. He’s the type of guy that teams automatically throw their top two prospects into the mix and then ask what else is needed to close the deal. It’s a potential franchise changer for the Mets.

The alternative is to continue to trot out deGrom and watch your team lose three of the next four games. Once again, the Mets find themselves in fourth place in no man’s land. Even with expanded playoffs, the Mets find themselves on the outside looking in.

The Mets had their shot, with him being on their big league team since 2014. They even made a World Series appearance in ’15, but have not made the playoffs since 2016. The window has closed. Trade deGrom at his peak because they’re not winning anything with or without him.