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Peter Abraham: One Of The Biggest Frauds In Boston Sports Media

Peter Abraham

(Boston Globe Image)

Peter Abraham
Peter Abraham was once again exposed as one of the biggest frauds in the Boston Sports Media realm. Abraham has no credibility and we have more proof. (Boston Globe Image)

Peter Abraham: One Of The Biggest Frauds In Boston Sports Media

I have an ax to grind with 90% of the Boston sports media. The biggest issue is a vast majority of them pretend to be real reporters but aren’t. They actively plant poison in the media that has no validity and I just can’t fathom why Boston reporters are the only group that does this. It’s really like they want the teams in the area to lose. Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe is one of the faces of that group.

Peter Abraham. Pete Abe. Whatever you want to call him. That piece of shit was exposed and exposed bad in a recent column he published. In that post, Abraham suggested that Alex Cora and Chaim Bloom could both be fired this offseason:

Red Sox: Alex Cora could be in hot water.
Here’s how.

John Henry and Tom Werner have been impulsive with their baseball operations chiefs over the last decade. Ben Cherington lasted a little less than four years. Dombrowski got a little more than four years. Each put together a World Series champion.

Chaim Bloom is coming up on three years in October and has not won the World Series. Public perception has turned sharply against him in the recent weeks after a convoluted and unsuccessful approach to the trade deadline.

If owners decide to ax him after the season, Bloom could argue that unlike Cherington and Dombrowski, he never had a chance to hire his own manager.

The owners made it clear in 2020 they wanted Cora back after his suspension and Bloom went along. Bloom could ask for another chance with his own manager and maybe the owners go along with that. It’s unlikely. But given the volatility at Fenway, anything is possible.

One way or another, it feels like a decision between Bloom or Cora is coming.”

As you follow along with me through this journey, just remember Abraham’s column is not free to read. You have to pay a subscription fee to read his thoughts via the Boston Globe. A publication that the Red Sox own and has all the inside sources you could ever ask for.

Of course, a couple days go by and CEO/president Sam Kennedy released a statement how the club has no plans to fire Bloom or Cora. Both will be back with the Red Sox in 2023.

“I am very comfortable saying Chaim and Alex will be back. And I am very comfortable saying there is a strong belief in the direction of the franchise from our ownership group,” Kennedy said. “That direction is continuing to build for the future, but also continuing to invest at the major-league level.”

Fast forward to the game last night. We’ll let the video do the talking for us.

We do get how insane this is, right? Crazy. People want to call Trey toxic? They have no idea what goes on every single day in the deep mud of the Boston sports media. It’s a place full of the dumbest self righteous scumbags on the planet. The only question is why do the publications put up with it and how are these not fireable offenses? They would be here.

Peter Abraham has a laundry list of incidents but this one reaches a new low. Go buy a mirror buddy because the only one with no credibility is that scumbag. Peter Abraham sucks in every sense of the word and nothing is more comical than the fact that they literally charge people to read his nonsense. Truly incredible.

Side Note: I will be sharing my Chaim Bloom video for the rest of this season. If the Sox want to make the right changes, they will give me a call.


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