San Andreas
Reminiscing PS2 Classics: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. How will you remember the San Andreas iteration of the game? Personally, it was overhyped but still solid. (Rockstar Games)

Reminiscing PS2 Classics: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Many of us are still waiting for when Rockstar plans on making a new Grand Theft Auto. Personally, I think GTA5 is ass but that’s a story for a different day. In the meantime, we’re stuck reminiscing on the old days. How does Grand Theft Auto San Andreas stack up?

GTA 5 is held in the same city but for whatever reason, San Andreas feels different. Instead of controlling three characters (which I personally was not a fan of) you were in charge of Carl Johnson. From Grove Street to big time, Carl was built different. OR as he liked to say “Ah, shit. Here we go again”.

I’ll be completely honest; I never beat GTA San Andreas. I personally like the game but the missions were low key hard. I would find myself die 20 times on the same mission and just quit only to find myself not pick up the game again. I don’t even know how the game ends. I consider myself good at video games but I died all the damn time in that one.

One thing you can’t deny is that the customization is on point. You could make Carl jacked, skinny, fat, or whatever you wanted. That feature was not found in any other GTA game.

I actually tried to play the game again not too long ago. It just didn’t hold up. Mostly because the graphics are so bad compared to now that it felt unplayable. Nobody’s fault, the reality.

San Andreas will be remembered as a great game but probably was slightly overhyped. I still think GTA4 is by far the best one that has been created. The story mode was genuinely fantastic and took forever to beat.