The best that never was, Dime. She was the most feared on ball defender in NBA Street out there. She will pick your pockets and earn every bucket. (NBA Street Vol. 2)

NBA Street Vol. 2 will forever go down as one of the greatest video games of all-time. It shall never be forgotten. The characters in the game are as iconic as it gets. I have write ups on Stretch Monroe, Biggie Little, and Whitewater already. But what about Dime? The best that never was, Dime.

Dime was never a frequent member on my team but she was as feared as it gets. It was still early enough in the game to where your created player wasn’t good enough to just whip the competition yet. One the surface, Dime is a female point guard that you think you can just beast and feast on. NOPE.

This is the street ball version of Chris Paul. If you play on a hard difficulty, this is the best on ball defense you will see. The steals were maxed all the way up so you just got your pocket picked anytime she is around the ball. Don’t let the long dark hair and head band fool you. Dime was legit.

She never made the NBA but if there was any female that could have made the jump, it was her. Forget about the WNBA, that would have been chump change. Dime would have wrecked havoc in that league. Way too good for that.

Never forget Dime. She was a total baller and was one of the core characters in the NBA Street franchise. The Los Angeles point guard played real defense and made you earn every win. Never forget one of the greats!