Grand Theft Auto 5
I love the Grand Theft Auto series but let’s be honest… GTA 5 sucks. Rockstar better bring it with GTA 6 because GTA 5 was horrendous. (Rockstar)

I am desperate for a video game to play right now. I don’t play nearly as often as I used to. As a little kid, the Playstation was basically my best friend. Now? I have a scouting job and a website to run. It’s still nice to have something to wind down and take your mind off shit on occasion. I need a new video game to play bad.

Now that I’ve learned how to upload clips and all that doing Youtube series, I would love to do one with a walkthrough. There is NOTHING out there that looks semi interesting. I’m so desperate that I thought about doing a walkthrough with Grand Theft Auto 5. A game that’s 7 years old. Then I remembered why I didn’t want to do that. GTA 5 sucks.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the series. I’m a sports video game game through and through. GTA is the one game that I love playing outside of sports. It’s probably the best game out there. Except for the latest version. GTA 5 is dogshit. Rockstar should be embarrassed by this game.

The cons far outweigh the pros. They should rename the game Grand Theft Favor. 95 percent of the missions, you don’t get paid for. It’s like they intentionally go out of their way to just piss you off and waste your time. It creates a terrible story line. The 3 character thing was a nice experiment but I didn’t love it. It’s just a bad trickle down. The missions suck, which means the storyline sucks, which means the characters suck. Nobody wants to play the stock market in a video game in order to buy things.

It’s basically impossible to make money outside of the 3 robberies. Even then, the characters just flat out hand all of the money over to the FIB for no reason on one of the missions. The whole game and story line behind it is bullshit.

Look, yes, there are some pros. The scenery and map are nice. The online mode is fun but I stopped playing it the PS4 came out and there was no chance I was buying that shitty game again for the PS4. GTA 4 was a home run. Grand Theft Auto 5 was just all around garbage.

All I want right now is a new video game to play. Grand Theft Auto 6 is in development. We know that much. Let’s just hope they don’t screw it up again. Speaking of, there’s no reason it should take 7 years to release (and will be more) to release the next game. GTA 6 better be unbelievable.