Grand Theft Auto 4
Grand Theft Auto 4 was easily the best GTA series created. It blows GTA5 out of the water. Let’s hope GTA6 can even come close. (Rockstar Games)

Grand Theft Auto 4 Is Easily The Best GTA Series Ever Created

While we anxiously await any sort of news pertaining to GTA6, I’m in a bit of a reminiscing mood. Mostly because I really want a video game to play right now and still can’t get my hands on a Playstation 5. I just want to give some recognition to Grand Theft Auto 4 because it’s still easily the best GTA series that has been created so far.

I don’t care what anybody says; GTA 5 is hot dog shit. That game sucks. It may as well be renamed Grand Theft Favor. You don’t get paid for any missions. It’s all nonsense. The three character thing doesn’t work. The story mode isn’t close to long enough. All of the effort from the game goes into the online version which I could care less about.

GTA4 is where it’s at. Niko Bellic was a savage, unlike the chumps you take over in GTA5. Trevor is a crazy person but he’s a little too far gone. Niko is the right demeanor for the character you want to control. He’s just out here living life trying to make it.

I also personally love the Liberty City Map the best of all the cities in GTA. San Andreas is nice but the desert is just lame. There’s just more going on in Liberty City to roam around and do your thing. Just the small things in that game added up. I’m a lowkey fan of taxing driving so cousin Roman’s business was a nice added touch.

The best part of that game is how long the story mode was. The developers really took their time. You could play that story mode for weeks or even months and still not beat that game. It’s as in depth as it gets. The story mode is truly unmatched in any other iteration of the game.

GTA4 deserves more love. That was a great game. Whenever GTA6 comes out (which I assume is never at this point) I hope it blows past it but that will be a tough task.