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Russell Westbrook is the biggest cancer in the NBA. Who are the other 4 that make the list? (Steve Dykes/Getty)

Ranking The Biggest Cancers In The NBA

The NBA is a talent driven sport. Well, for the most part. Then there are a handful of players that you just cannot win with. Under no circumstance do you want them on your team. The most notorious one during my life is Carmelo Anthony. He’s no longer in the league. I figured it would be a great time to rank the biggest modern day cancers in the NBA. Here we go. Who are the biggest cancers in the NBA?

5: Terry Rozier

Terry Rozier fucking sucks. I hate that guy. In 4 years with the Celtics, he never shot 40 percent in any season. That’s embarrassing. All he does it jack up terrible shots and none of them go in. The worst part is Rozier thinks he is good. Rozier bitched about his role in Boston despite being 2nd on the team in touches while coming off the bench. You figure it out. The guy is a total cancer and suspect number one in the Celtics collapse last year.

Now Rozier is in Charlotte doing what he always does. Taking a lot of shots and missing most of them. Except this time he’s getting paid almost $20 million per year. What a trainwreck. The Hornets are a total joke. Rozier will make sure they stay that way.

4: DeMar DeRozan

This one is confirmed. DeMar DeRozan exemplifies everything that a cancer is in the NBA. DeRozan doesn’t play defense, doesn’t shoot 3’s, and is a total bitch.

DeRozan sees the bright lights and LeBron in a playoff game and he quits. The reason why the Raptors shrunk for all those years starts and ends with DeRozan. The Raptors went from chokers to champs. All they had to do is get rid of DeRozan. No defense, no long range shot, and a total fraud when times get tough. That’s good enough to put you 4th on the list.

3: Blake Griffin

Where do we even start? The lob city Clippers were never going to win a title. Why? Blake Griffin. He’s a hummer in a league full of Teslas. Griffin has not shot and he’s hurt all the time. I should say his shot has improved but for years and years with the Clippers he had none. Now he’s in Detroit on a stupid contract and isn’t playing. Griffin has played 76 games in a year just 3 times in 10 years. Now he’s hurt again to start the year and certainly won’t hit that threshold this year.

What the fuck were the Pistons thinking making that trade? Tobias Harris is not only the better player, but Detriot also gave up the pick that turned into Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. Griffin will always be known as the guy who kick started the Clippers dynasty and running the Pistons into the ground.

2: John Wall

Oh, boy. Point guards who can’t shoot can’t win. John Wall is your classic athletic point guard who shoots 42 percent and 32 percent from deep and then falls off a cliff when he loses a step. Well, that day is here. Wall tore his Achilles and will never be the same. Keep in mind the Wizards owe Wall over $171 million over the next 4 years. It’s possibly the worst contract in professional sports.

Wall is also a guy that never looks like he cares. He kind of looks like he is hungover all the time. He’s never been a great defender. Often times the Wizards were better when he didn’t play. Poor Wizards fans. This entire franchise is screwed until Wall is off the books. Wall’s contract alone puts him on the biggest cancers in the NBA list.

1: Russell Westbrook

How long should I make this? Let’s do this first. I have written a number of blogs on why Westbrook is the biggest cancer in the league. All you have to do is click this link. It might take you 5 days to get through all of them. Let’s just state some obvious things that everyone should know. Since Kevin Durant left OKC, Russell Westbrook is shooting 38 percent in the playoffs and taking 26.5 shots per game. It’s not mathematically possible to win at that rate which is exactly what has happened to Westbrook. 3 straight first round series exits. Never having a shot at winning any series. Whether it was James Harden, Ricky Rubio, or Damien Lillard – Westbrook has been outplayed in every turn. How did everyone not turn on the guy when they lost to the fucking Jazz? Russell Westbrook sucks and he’s totally worthless.

Westbrook just doesn’t get it. Shot, miss, shoot, miss, shoot, miss, shot again, miss. If you think Westbrook is a winning player than you just don’t understand math and I can’t help you. Westbrook is also the worst volume 3 point shooter in the NBA. That’s just a fact. Westbrook shot 29 percent from 3-point range last year and took 5.6 of them per game. Nobody was worse. NOBODY.

Let’s also say this. If you’re one of those people that thinks Westbrook is a worthy MVP, you are just stupid. Seek help. It’s the most fraudulent MVP award in the history of sports. Westbrook shot .425 percent that year which ranked 11th on his own team. Could you imagine giving the MVP award to the baseball pitcher with the 11th best ERA on his own team? What a JOKE! OKC also got the 6th seed and never really had any prayer of advancing in the playoffs. Want to hear something even funnier? The Memphis Grizzlies were the worst shooting team in the NBA that year shooting .436 percent. That’s higher than Westbrook. If he was his own team, he would be the worst shooter in the league. That’s your king? Seek help, you’re dumb.

Triple doubles mean nothing. If Elfrid Payton can get them, then who cares. Westbrook has no self awareness and is more interested in padding useless stats than he is about winning. If you like Westbrook, I probably don’t like you to be honest. It just shows how stupid you are. Westbrook is by far the biggest cancer in the NBA. Good luck in Houston. This is destined to fail.