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Russell Westbrook Is The Most Worthless Player In The NBA

Russell Westbrook

(Mark D. Smith/USA TODAY Sports)

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook is the most worthless player in the NBA. Let me explain. (Mark D. Smith/USA TODAY Sports)

Basketball is not like other sports. Basketball is a team sport but teammates matter much, much more. Some teammates can have a negative impact on the floor even if they are uber talented. That really isn’t the case in any other sport. The NBA creates a lot of cancers. Players that under any circumstance you don’t want anywhere near your team. No player epitomizes that statement more than Russell Westbrook. It’s been confirmed, there is no player that is more worthless than Russell Westbrook.

Westbrook’s biggest issue is that he has zero self awareness. Could Westbrook be productive? Sure, but he doesn’t get the fact that he can’t shoot. It’s one thing not to be able to shoot in a shooters league. That’s a huge issue in itself. The problem goes to an entirely different level when Westbrook keeps shooting despite the fact that he keeps missing.

Stats as of 1/2/19

Westbrook prior to this year was a career 82.3 percent free throw shooter. That mark is now down to 62.1 percent this year. For context, of players who have at least 75 attempts on the strip, Westbrook ranks 119th out of 128 qualified players. Even DeAndre Jordan who sucks is shooting 70.5 percent at the line.

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook should apologize to Kevin Durant for ruining the first portion of his career (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

In total, Westbrook is shooting 42.6 percent on 19.3 shots per game. Again for comparison, All 30 teams are shooting a better mark than that. Detroit ranks last in the NBA as a team shooting 43.2 percent. This isn’t hard to understand. The NBA is a make or miss league. The team that makes the most shots wins the game. Doing so at a more efficient level is what separates the good teams from the great teams. If Westbrook is shooting worse than the entire league, how can he possibly get valuable?

You would think that it can’t get worse for Westbrook but it does. Russ is shooting 24.1 percent for the 3-point line. The league average mark from deep is 35.2 percent. Again, it would be one thing if Westbrook wasn’t making his shots. He is shooting almost 5 3-pointers per game. That brings his true shooting percentage to an awful 48.3 percent. A Westbrook mid-range jumper, in case you were wondering, sits at 35 percent.

Following a game where Westbrook shot 4-22 in a loss against the Mavericks, the Thunder point guard came out with a wild quote.

“I’m the best rebounder at my position, the best passer at my position, the best defender at my position via ESPN. I can do everything, and I pride myself on doing that.”

Okay, Westbrook, let’s dive into this statement.

Westbrook: “Best rebounder at my position”

Trey’s Response:

Congrats, Russell. You have such a big ego that you clearly tell gutless teammates to let you get extra rebounds to goose your stats. Coward!

Westbrook: “Best Passer”

Trey’s Response: Oh really? If you’re such an amazing passer than why did Kevin Durant leave? Because you’re a selfish, ball hog. Got it.

Westbrook: “Best Defender”

Trey’s Response: Checks awards… Never won All-Defensive first or second team. Let’s also not forget about this from last year.

“Westbrook has contested a grand total of 160 FG’s on the ENTIRE SEASON.

That number is staggeringly low and to be frank, flat out embarrassing. …

Westbrook ranks dead last in the NBA in contested shots among players averaging 30 or more MPG by a considerable margin. Hilariously, the only two players who have contested less 3P FGA’s are Rudy Gobert and Whiteside, who have contested 53 and 64 respectively. Russell Westbrook is at 69 while having playing [sic] close to the same amount of minutes…Yes, DeAndre Jordan has contested more 3P FGA’s this season than Russell Westbrook.”

Best at the position? Westbrook isn’t good at ANYTHING. Best at the position? Westbrook doesn’t even rank high among point guards in any category. Westbrook ranks 37th among point guards in FG%, 68th among PG’s in 3-point%, and 65th in FT%. Best at the position? He shouldn’t even start maybe come off the bench for energy if that.

The NBA should be embarrassed that Westbrook was ever named the MVP. There’s an argument that it is the biggest travesty in all of sports. I haven’t even mentioned the fact that Westbrook makes his teammates worse and always has a monster usage rate preventing others from having the ball. I could spend days on that one.

You know what’s worse? Westbrook is now 30 and will earn over $206 million over the next five years. Can you imagine watching 35-year old Westbrook in 2023 making $47 million per year? You think Westbrook stinks now? What happens when the athleticism deteriorates and the cap figure keeps getting higher? Russell Westbrook not only stinks, but he is also the most worthless player the NBA has to offer. The Thunder will never win a championship as long as Westbrook remains on the team.

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