Ryan Finley
Get ready, Cincinnati. Ryan Finley… SUCKS! (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Ryan Finley is the new starting quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals after the team benched long-time starter, Andy Dalton. The Bengals rode with Dalton for far too long. We get that. However, Cincinnati somehow replaced him with someone who is worse. Trust me, Ryan Finley is worse. You’re about to find out. Get ready Cincinnati, Ryan Finley sucks! Poor Bengals are in for something.

If you have been following me for a while, then you know I do weekly draft updates during the college football season. I saw Ryan Finley on a number of occasions. I didn’t think Finley was even draftable. I’ve given a lot of quarterbacks a hard time. 99 percent of the time I’ve been proven right. I graded out Mitch Trubisky as a 6th round prospect. I was right. I called Baker Mayfield a 4th round prospect. That’s exactly what he looks like. Ryan Finley was undraftable.

Let’s just state some obvious facts. Finley first attended Boise State in 2014. He got arrested for underage drinking at Boise State. Who’s dumb enough to get caught for that? Finley eventually lost his job in 2015 and was forced to transfer. Brett Rypien beat him out for the job. Rypien didn’t get drafted and was just promoted from the Broncos practice squad after the Joe Flacco injury. Ryan Finley got drafted in the 4th round. Something doesn’t add up there? Imagine losing your job at Boise State and being a legit NFL Prospect. Stop it.

Finley has one fatal flaw that you cannot come back from. He has a noodle arm. It’s one thing to have bad arm strength. Finley has egregious arm strength. NOODLE ARM. I’ll show you just what it looks like in this scouting note. See for yourself. It’s UGLY. Forget about tight window throws. I’m not sure he can make open throws without defenders closing on the ball.

Some idiots actually thought Finley could be a first round pick. He was so bad during the predraft process that he fell to the 4th round. He doesn’t have a prayer at being successful anyway. Who are you going to trust? The Bengals who stuck with Andy Dalton or the guy who’s always right about these things? Finley doesn’t have the arm strength to work in the NFL. Sorry, not sorry.