Terry Rozier
Get Terry Rozier as far away from the Celtics as possible (Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports)

It was a tough year to be a Celtics fan. Coming into the year, I thought the Celtics had a real shot to win the title. That came crashing down to earth real fast. Boston was eventually ousted by the unstoppable force that is Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks. One of the biggest issues with the Celtics was that they had too many mouths to feed. Not every player on the team was comfortable with reduced minutes. There’s only one player who actually became a problem in the locker room about it, Terry Rozier.

Today, Rozier is making the rounds at ESPN. Talking to the media prior to upcoming free agency probably isn’t a good idea to begin but this is Rozier we are talking about. He’s not smart to begin with. Rozier went on First Take today and said some alarming things. All that I know is I need Terry Rozier as far away from the Celtics as possible:

Let’s start with the obvious. Don’t ask me why anyone would go on First Take. If you want to lose brain cells, the first thing you do is watch First Take and listen to two idiots who do not have a single clue how to do anything other than use synonyms to describe their very flawed points. No need to explain any further. If you watch First Take, please stop reading and go get yourself checked out.

Now let’s dive into Rozier. WTF are you doing? I’m not saying that he will lose money in free agency but I’m not saying he won’t either. If you are a gm who is interested in signing Rozier, I’m now not interested in signing him. So he’s just going to mope and pout if he doesn’t get enough minutes? It’s one thing to be unhappy, it’s another thing to cry to the media about it. I’m not the only one saying this. I agree with former Celtics great Kendrick Perkins.

Rozier has nothing to gain from this media tour. He just sounds like a big cry baby. He says I’m not the type of person to complain but then all he does is complain about how much he sacrificed? GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE.

All of the Celtics problems stem from Terry Rozier. I believe that with all my heart. Marcus Smart said something totally different referring to Kyrie Irving.

Let’s see… Who do you believe? Smart has a defined roll and leaves it all out on the floor every night or Rozier who is the backup to Irving and does nothing except jack up shots. Rozier didn’t sacrifice either. He still touched the ball more than anyone except Kyrie Irving. Rozier is just a selfish player. That’s coming off the bench too.

I have two fears with the Celtics. The first would be to watch Kyrie leave. That will or would be tough. The second fear is way worse. Watching Kyrie leave only to overpay Terry Rozier and let him run the show. I have news for everyone. Rozier sucks. It’s not debatable. This idea that Rozier could start for 20 teams in the NBA is a joke. In 4 years as a pro, Rozier has never shot .40 percent from the floor in any season. EVER…. That’s with Brad Stevens who has made a ton of guards better players. He also doesn’t pass. His assist numbers are not great and the ball is often in his hands when Irving was not on the floor.

GET TERRY ROZIER AS FAR AWAY FROM THE CELTICS AS POSSIBLE. I truly feel bad for the team that signs Rozier. It will be a horrible mistake.