Russell Westbrook
A lot of people owe @treydaubert an apology. Russell Westbrook isn’t just a bad player. He’s worthless. The guy flat out sucks. End of story #Thunderup (Sarah Phipps, The Oklahoman)

There are a lot of sports debates that I like to dive into. There is one that I have been far more vocal about than any other. Russell Westbrook sucks. Period. End of story. For about 9 years, I have been screaming this from the rooftops. Unfortunately, I only have about a year’s worth of records because that’s when this site was first started. My most famous blog on Westbrook is this one I’ll leave below.

At the time I wrote this, I was told that I was taking things way too far. I heard it all. “But he’s an MVP!” – “But what about the Triple Double!” I even had an important person with the site flat out quit because he disagreed with the post that much. Think about that. I was called so crazy that one person flat out quit. The only problem with that is that basic math and the lack of playoff success has always been on my side. What’s your counter for that?

The common misconception fans always get is his stat padding. Well, Westbrook is putting up points, rebounds, and assists so he must be good. Neither of which is true. Basic math doesn’t agree with you. During the 5 game series against the Blazers, Westbrick shot 36 percent. It wasn’t that he just shot 36 percent. It was the fact that he is so dumb that he kept shooting anyway. 22 shots on 36 percent shooting for a team’s “BEST Player” (of course, not true) is a recipe for a losing team. Doesn’t matter who it is. A team will never win in the playoffs with a player playing that way.

Despite having the better talent in all three years, the Thunder have lost in the first round every single year. All three years they lost to 3 different opponents. In 2017 they lost to hero ball version of Houston with James Harden. That team didn’t have Chris Paul yet. In 2018 they lost to Utah. Westbrook was outplayed by a rookie Donovan Mitchell and jouneyman point guard, Ricky Rubio. In 2019 the Thunder got beat by Portland in 5 games. The same team that was swept by New Orleans the year before. The only difference is this team didn’t have Jusuf Nurkic. This Portland team has Enes Kanter who was known as “Can’t play Kanter” when he was playing for the Thunder.

There is no excuse. Calling Russell Westbrook as anything more than a guy who is really good at taking a lot of shots and missing most of them is not accurate. That’s about the nicest thing you can say about the guy.

Just listen to Westbrook is the post-game interview. He has no idea what went wrong. I do. It’s called STOP SHOOTING. Every time he shoots I laugh because I know it’s not going in. Westbrook shoots anyway. Just imagine how we would view him if he never played with the world’s best player, Kevin Durant. Westbrook is the number one reason Durant left OKC. Durant is also the only reason Westbrook is relevant. No player is a bigger cancer in any sport than Russell Westbrook is.

At the end of the day, the Thunder are stuck with a $200 million point guard that takes too many shots and misses most of them. Russell Westbrook sucks. End of story. I won the argument. I’m waiting for an apology from about 75 people. Don’t worry, I won’t hear from them.