That’s Some Cheese – Episode 100 – 3.2.21

Episode 100 of That’s Some Cheese is here! Boy, do we have a big surprise for you. By now, you know about our partnership with SimBull. Well, to celebrate the deal, SimBull CEO Kenneth Giles joins the show to talk about his product.

This is the opportunity for you to learn all about the inter-workings of SimBull. What are the tricks of the trade? What should you know before you start buying and selling stocks? Who better to speak to than the CEO himself. You will get to hear everything you need to know about SimBull by the end of the episode.

As I said in my post about the partnership, I’m so excited to be on the ground floor with these guys. Signing up with SimBull also helps us too! Use our link – with the promo code “vendetta” for a $10 deposit bonus.