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Nick Wright

Nick Wright Gives the Worst Sports Take Ever

Nick Wright

Nick Wright has given some horrible takes in the past, but his recent take has got to be the worst of them all. He said on live television that the duo of LeBron James and Alex Caruso is the best in the NBA. Not only are they the best duo this year, but apparently they are the best over the previous two years. Those are real words that came from his mouth. I honestly do not understand how this guy has a job.

This is only the second time that a sports take has legitimately pissed me off. It is the perfect example of why analytic driving takes are the weakest out there. The only other take that really pissed me off was Ryan Hollins, to Shaq’s face, saying that Kobe and Michael Jordan couldn’t fill LeBron’s shoes. Wright is getting ever closer to Hollins levels of stupidity and is already, to me, on the same level as Will Cain.

The information Wright gives is just misleading. If they are outscoring opponents by 20, LeBron is scoring 19 of those points. Who are the other players on the court? Wright’s analytics don’t mention that. His argument completely falls apart when common sense is introduced. The entire conversation around Wright’s argument is just weird. Avery Bradley is alright but he’s not gonna be a determining factor if win a title or not.

Nick Wright is quickly becoming one of the worst annalists out there. The Caruso meme has gone way too far and people are trying to convince themselves that he has a real impact on a game. There are tons of guys, both in and out of the league, that can do what Caruso does. He’s an over-hyped role player that averages 5 pts a game. Stop this nonsense.


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