Rundown on Bundesliga Finale
Bundesliga team Bayern Munich finishes first in the league for the 2019-20 season. Photo by picture-alliance/ Fotostand/ Ellerbrake.

Rundown on Bundesliga Finale

Bundesliga has finished. The top four have been decided on who will go on to Champions League next year. It has also been decided on who will be relegated to Bundesliga 2. Here is a rundown on the Bundesliga finale.

Bayern Munich was able to secure their position for first early on. They finished the season with 26 wins, four draws and losses. They were able to gain 82 points for the season.

Borussia Dortmund was able to secure second. With 21 wins, six draws and seven losses. They got 69 points for the season.

It was a close race for third between RB Leipzig and Borussia Mönchengladbach. Leipzig was able to secure third with an overall score of 66. Mönchengladbach was only one point behind. Similarly, Leverkusen was close behind Mönchengladbach with a total of 63.

This has allowed Munich, Dortmund, Leipzig and Mönchengladbach to go onto the Champions League next year.

Unfortunately, Duesseldorf and Paderborn will be relegated to Bundesliga 2. Werder may be relegated as well. They will go into a playoff against the third-place team of Bundesliga 2. That will be decided tomorrow.

Arminia will be able to move up to Bundesliga as they secured their first place with 65 points.

VfB Stuttgart is competing with Heidenheim for second. They have a three-point difference with Stuttgart in the lead. Stuttgart will play against fifth-place Darmstadt, while Heidenheim will face Arminia tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. EST.

If Stuttgart loses and Heidenheim wins, they will be tied in points. However, Stuttgart would still be able to be in second place because they have a bigger goal differential.

So, Arminia and Stuttgart will move onto Bundesliga. Heidenheim will have to face off against Werner to see who goes or stays in Bundesliga.