NBA Playoff Prediction
Sue Ogrocki/Associated Press

This is my FAVORITE first-round series this year. There’s so much drama in this series and the narratives surrounding it are the best. First, Let’s acknowledge that Russell Westbrook was traded to the Rockets last season for Chris Paul. Now, Chris Paul is on his revenge tour and I am here for it. James Harden made him looked washed up in his last season in Houston and he’s proved that wasn’t true. Once Russell Westbrook was traded to the Rockets, I knew that the Rockets weren’t winning the championship. But, before we get into all that, let me give you my NBA playoff Prediction for this series.

Houston Rockets

If you have read any of my posts about the Rockets, you would know two things: I hate the Rockets and I hate James Harden. So, obviously I am pretty biased but I try to put that aside when I am analyzing who would win games or in this case series. Let’s be honest though, the James Harden and Russell Westbrook duo wasn’t going to work. If you did, you’re a moron. Outside of them, there’s not much going for the Rockets. Robert Covington was a great acquisition, but it just isn’t enough. Eric Gordon, Austin Rivers, Ben McLemore, Daniel House Jr., PJ Tucker, hell even Jeff Green are not enough to win a championship. Throw in that James Harden and Russell Westbrook are the most ball-dominant players in the league, it’s just not a recipe for success. James Harden and Russell Westbrook when he comes back will score points, they’re not going far though.

Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder have benefitted the most from the Russell Westbrook trade. They got 1st rounders galore and have SGA who is a young stud. In this series, the Thunder’s 3 headed attack of their guards SGA, Chris Paul, and Dennis Schroder will have a field day against the Rockets. However, they don’t have the defense to hold Harden and Westbrook either. Altogether the Thunder have a better defense, will it be enough though?

NBA Playoff Prediction:

The Thunder have a better defense but ultimately it will be who’s offense scores more. While that statement seems obvious, I’m saying outisde of James Harden and Russell Westbrook, who will score enough for the Rockets to win. The Thunder have their 3 headed attack and Danilo Gallinari playing. Will that be enough to outscore the Rockets? That’s what it comes down too. Defense is pretty irrelevant in this series. However, simple math for me is that 2 < 4. I rather have 4 great players than 2 superstars. Especially 2 superstars that don’t fit together. Nonetheless, this series goes to 7. Official NBA Playoff Prediction?

Thunder in 7.