Fernando Tatis Jr
Fernando Tatis Jr. should not have to apologize for hitting a grand slam. Make the pitch better.(Jerome Miron/USA Today Sports)

Look, there are unwritten rules in every sport but the ones in baseball are the worst. Fernando Tatis Jr. should not have to apologize for hitting a grand slam, I don’t care what anyone says. Home runs make the game fun, entertaining and interesting to watch. I don’t want a guy taking a strike on purpose so some babies don’t get butthurt. If you know the pitch based on situation, crush it out of the park. It’s the pitcher’s fault anyway. Fernando Tatis Jr. does not need to apologize and should not apologize for hitting an absolute dinger. If anything the pitcher needs a better 3-0 ball.

Other people share my opinion in that Fernando Tatis Jr. shouldn’t apologize for doing hit job. It’s ridiculous to have someone apologize for doing their job. It’s like making a math teacher apologize for teaching calculus because some students think it’s too hard. It’s the teacher’s job to teach it, don’t be a pain about it.

Yet what makes this worse is that Jayce Tingler, manager for the San Diego Padres, said that he’d rather have his player take a strike than hit a grand slam in this situation.

However, in baseball you can’t run out the clock because there is no clock. A game could go on forever so no lead is ever safe. There should never be a scenario where a team doesn’t try to score as many runs as possible. A lead is never safe, so a player should never feel bad about cranking a grand slam late in a game. I think Trevor Bauer said it best:

To all professional athletes, don’t ever apologize for cranking home runs, scoring goals, making baskets, scoring touchdowns or accomplishing anything in sports. The other team should have done a better job at stopping you.

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