Robert Covington
Brett Coomer/Houston Chronicle

Robert Covington, who was acquired from the Minnesota TimberWolves, is already making an immediate impact for the Rockets. Sure, it could be too soon to tell if this is actually true, but if you actually watched the Rockets with Robert Covington, you can see just how much he helps the Rockets. The Rockets have been known to have defensive issues. Knowing that that could be a big reason why they traded for Robert Covington at the trade deadline. You can just feel his impact when he’s on the floor for the Rockets.

Robert Covington Impact

More along the lines, it is more of a defensive impact that he brings to the Rockets. So far, he has been a lockdown defender for the Rockets. Knowing that he doesn’t do all that much for the offense, that means his defense has been his real impact. He only averages 12.8 PPG and 7.9 RPG. His rebounding numbers have actually gone up by 2 since he joined the Rockets. That could be attributed to the fact that they are now the new “small ball” team. What can also be attributed is the significant rise in his blocking numbers. He is now averaging 2.7 BPG since being acquired by the Rockets. WOW. He has provided spacing and defense for the Rockets, two things that they needed the most.

Robert Covington is already one of the most essential pieces to the Rocket’s success. I’m not a big fan of the Rockets’ small-ball approach, but so far it seems to be working for them. Robert Covington could eventually help this team win a championship. I have no faith in this team to even make it to the finals, but if they do, Robert Covington was the major reason for that. I still hate the James Harden and Russell Westbrook duo, and I still doubt that it will work. However, they are seemingly learning how to play next to each other. It just won’t be enough for a championship. I hate the Rockets though, they’ll lose.