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I’ll admit I was wrong about the Thunder. I’m a man about these types of things. Admitting you were wrong is the first step in becoming right. Now, I’m fully on the Thunder hype train. I thought this Thunder team would disappoint. SGA is unproven, Dennis Schroder too inconsistent, Chris Paul is too old, Danilo Gallinari too injury prone, etc etc. All of these things have now been debunked. Oof, yikes, whatever. Now, fuck it, let’s go Thunder! When I say the Thunder have a chance to make the Western Conference Finals, people look at me funny. Which I am used to, I got a weird face, I get it. But really, what is so far-fetched about it?

Currently, the Thunder sits at the 5th seed in the Western Conference. However, they’re only a game behind the Jazz, who have now lost Bojan Bogdanovic. Can the Jazz really stay at the 4th seed? Probably not. While the Rockets are tied with the Thunder, I think the Thunder and the Rockets move up to the 4th and 5th seed respectively. Either way, The Thunder can beat both of those teams. The Jazz just lost their 2nd leading scorer and best 3pt shooter, they’re already going to be hurting. Throw in the Thunder’s X-Factor in Lu Dort, a defensive stud, on Donovan Mitchell? They’re done.

You don’t think the Thunder can beat the Rockets? Yikes, couldn’t be me, or any more at least. You’re thinking: “Well Lu Dort can’t possibly hold Russell Westbrook or James Harden right?” The thing is, those two already shoot the ball at a….ugly rate. Adding Lu Dort only makes that worse. Also, I think the Rockets’ micro ball is a joke. The Rockets defense is already not great. The Thunder can score with SGA, Schroder, CP3, and Gallinari. Who’s going to guard all of them?

So, let’s say the Thunder beat their opponent, cause they will. They would of course play the 1-8 seed. If the Pelicans and the Lakers play, I think the Pelicans have a shot to beat the Lakers. The Lakers aren’t as good as fans think. I think that’ll show in the seeding games and in the playoffs. But, an 8th seed beating a 1 seed is unlikely in odds so let’s say the Lakers win. If I’m already not confident about the Lakers beating the 8th seed like the Pelicans, what makes you think I think they’ll beat OKC?

As much as Laker fans RAVE about Alex Caruso, he’s still not good. He averages 6 PPG, 2 APG, and 2 RPG in 18 minutes. Whoop-de-do. They lost their more defensive guards in Avery Bradley and Rajan Rondo, even though Rondo wasn’t that good for them. They’re not going to guard the Thunder’s guards. Yes, the Lakers have Lebron and Anthony Davis. The most they score together would be 60 PPG. I’ll take those odds. Steven Adams will do his best to guard AD and Lu Dort or Gallinari on Lebron. However, the Thunder’s guards are going to have a field day.

Those are the main 3 teams that the Thunder will face in their playoff run, and you’re telling me they don’t have a chance to make the WCF? Come on man. The Thunder has a real chance and you know it. They control their destiny. I will say, there’s no chance they make the NBA Finals though. Sorry Thunder fans, can’t get your hopes up too much. I think the Clippers and the Nuggets are far superior to the Thunder. Whoever you play in the WCF, that’s the farthest you’ll go. However, making the WCF is better than nothing. Watch the Thunder surprise the Western Conference.