Madden 21
Screenshot from Madden 21 The Yard (EA)

Pay Now so You Can Pay Again to Play Later

The microtransactions that have plagued sports games for years are out of control in Madden 21. Not only have previous monetization techniques found their way back into the game, EA has somehow found a way to monetize the game even further. It’s disgusting and should make anyone think twice about buying this game until further notice.

Screenshot from AngryJoe Show

AngryJoe has always been on the forefront of talking about how horrible Madden has become. I’ve tried to tell everyone, but no one listens to reason. Charging $17 for gear with moss on it? EA tries to get around the paying factor by making such gear available with in game points that you earn, but the grind is not worth it. That’s why the wave the “pay now” options in your face. I knew this mode was going to be filled with microtransactions the second the trailer for the mode dropped.

Screenshot from AngryJoe Show

The above picture to me sounds like a “season pass” type move. It’s an excuse to hold off content and make it “exclusive” to people that burn their money on this garbage. It’s the same tactic why Fortnite and Call of Duty’s Warzone have been so profitable. But you know what the difference here is? Fortnite and Warzone are free to play. You have to buy Madden.

Madden already has the ultimate team. Monetizing even more of this game ruins it for many who just want to play football. EA’s effort in Franchise this year is laughable. It’s hard to even come up with words to fill this article because I’m so frustrated at EA and the people that continue to buy their garbage.

Please Stop Buying This Game

I’m getting to the point where I am begging people. Please stop buying this trash. Madden 21 is the ultimate pile of crap and it’s our own fault because we allowed it to happen. People shell out hundreds for ultimate team and it results in billions of profits made for little to no effort. I’m absolutely sick of it. By the way, when I said it’s our fault, I mean it’s your fault. Because I’m not paying hundreds to play this game. If you keep buying the game, then no changes will be made. And that pisses me off. Join the boycott and let EA know.