Madden 21
Screenshot from Madden 21 The Yard (EA)

Madden 21 has done an amazing job at getting roasted in recent months. Little to nothing has been done to franchise mode in years, and when EA got caught once again making no changes, they acknowledged it just to say that nothing is still changing. Instead, they bring a new game mode called “The Yard” as the key new feature to Madden 21. Until today, I have not seen any gameplay. Now that I have, I can officially say that it looks awful.

Does EA Know What Football Is?

I’m sorry, but this just does not look fun. It’s a bunch of people aimlessly running around throwing the ball forwards, backwards, then forwards again. At least NFL Street had some sort of resemblance to football but with a twist. This isn’t even football anymore. I don’t know what this is. It looks like there could be some customization options for the players you play with. That may seem cool at first, but I smell another game mode rank with microtransactions.

Granted, it’s possible to have fun with friends. Even the worst games can be fun with friends, but that doesn’t mean the game is good. I am still 100% on the boycott Madden train until franchise mode gets legitimate fixes and updates. EA parades this game as simulation football but are missing a multitude of basic, key features that would make the game feel more real.

Give us real fixes EA. Put coaching staffs and a coaching carousel in the game. Let us know when players retire so they don’t just disappear when a new season starts. Give us customization for expansion or relocating teams, or at the very minimum use different team names and color schemes. I’m having more fun playing NFL 2K5 and Backyard Football that I have playing Madden in years. Madden 21 is an easy pass for me, and it should be for anyone that wants more than just the bare minimum in their football game.